Speedmaster XL 106 operator

Set standards in wet glue or in-mould label production.

Information provider, advertising medium and basis for innovative security features: Labels are increasingly becoming brand ambassadors. The Speedmaster XL 106 is our answer to an expanding market in which the enormous variety of products leads to short print runs and packaging forms must adhere to increased environmental awareness.

Speedmaster XL 106 operator

At a glance

  • In-mould labels

    Lightweight and thin materials place particular demands on statics and sheet travel. The Speedmaster XL 106 counters this with special equipment.

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    High performance for challenging materials

    Thanks to innovative components on the feeder and delivery, including supporting preset functions and optimized sheet travel, the Speedmaster XL 106 with IML Performance Equipment 4.0 effortlessly processes materials from a thickness of 40 μm.

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    Optimal drying

    An extended drying section in the Y-units as well as hot air and infrared settings in one percent increments of the DryStar Advanced dryer enable gentle processing of delicate materials and perfect register even with thin plastic films. Automation, preset functions and storable settings reduce set-up times.

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    Full drying control

    In the DryStar Monitor, sensors for temperature, humidity and air volume, including data storage, data transfer to the PC, software program for evaluation and connection to printing machine’s wallscreen, show the actual status of the dryers. The air volume of the exhaust air, the relative humidity (RH in %) and temperature of the supply and exhaust air as well as the absolute humidity (g H2O/kg air) and the amount of extracted water in the exhaust air (kg/water/h) are displayed.

  • Wet glue labels

    Thanks to its innovative components, reduced waste and production speeds of up to 21,000 sheets per hour, the Speedmaster XL 106 enables wet-glue labels to be produced economically.

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    Short set-up times and top speeds

    With its innovative platform, the fourth-generation CutStar reel sheeter offers more automation, simple handling and easy maintenance. This makes it significantly more productive, especially when using films and thin materials.

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    Simulation of spot colors

    The Prinect Multicolor Toolset spot color simulation using the four process colors as well as orange, green and violet reproduces a large color space and avoids color changes and wash times. This makes it possible to display different spot colors on one sheet. Using Print Color Management, the Multicolor workflow provides a standardized printing process with stable, reproducible quality.

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    Sustainable label production

    The energy-efficient dryer DryStar Combination Eco saves up to 30 percent energy thanks to optimized energy input, integrated heat recovery and thermal insulation. The high level of insulation reduces energy consumption during drying and minimizes heat loss. The pressroom heats up less. Less air conditioning is required. The workplace becomes more user-friendly.

Technical data

Max. sheet size 750 mm x 1.060 mm (29.52 in x 41.73 in)

Min. sheet size
340 x 480 mm (13.39 in x 18.90 in) straight printing
410 x 480 mm (16.14 x 18.90 in) in perfecting mode/straight printing/18,000 sph
440 × 600 mm (17.32 × 23.62 in) with nonstop operation delivery
Max. print format
740 mm x 1,050 mm (29.13 in x 41.34 in) straight printing
730 mm x 1,050 mm (28.74 in x 41.34 in) perfecting mode
Thickness 0.03 mm – 1.00 mm (0.0012 in × 0.039 in) w/o perfecting device, w/o auto-nonstop

0.03 mm – 0.80 mm (0.0012 in × 0.031 in) with perfecting device, w/o auto-nonstop operation delivery
Gripper margin10 mm – 12 mm (0.39 in × 0.47 in) thickness < 0.8 mm (0.03 in)
11 mm – 12 mm (0.43 in – 0.47 in) thickness > 0.8mm (0.03 in)
Performance data
Maximum18,000 sph (standard straight printing presses)
15,000 sph (standard perfecting presses)
18,000 sph (option perfecting presses)
21,000 sph (option straight printing presses)
Pile heights
Feeder 1,320 mm (51.97 in) incl. pile table and pile support plate / elevated +525 mm (20.67 in) or +875 mm (34.45 in)
Delivery 1,295 mm (50.98 in) incl. pile table and pile support plate / elevated +525 mm (20.67 in) or +875 mm (34.45 in)
Functions of Prinect Production


Prinect Production digitizes your print shop. It automates your production as well as your color and quality management and provides important data for analyses and reporting. With Prinect Production, the smart integration of your digital printing press ensures you are also perfectly equipped for short runs and variable data printing.

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Functions of Prinect Production

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