Supporting Heidelberg customers in realizing their investment projects.

Against the background of increasing capital requirements for banks, medium and long term financing is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. Banks do take a much closer look on which companies they want to grant financing to. In doing so, their focus is rather placed on balance sheet figures and ratios than on the investment itself.
This is where our Heidelberg Financial Services team steppes in and actively moderates between our customers and financing partners. We make sure that our financing partners do understand our customers’ business, value the benefits of the planned investment project and not least do positively factor these in their financing decision.
In this way, Heidelberg Financial Services supports the realization of almost very second investment in Heidelberg technology worldwide.

Do also benefit from our cooperations with renowned financing partners and consult with our FInancial Services team.

Export credit insurance.

We are also able to mediate financings by German banks
and leasing companies for our customers outside Germany,
either directly or with involvement of a local bank.
Such cross-border financings by German banks do often
require an export credit insurance.
By mediation of state export credit insurances, in particular
for our customers in emerging markets or in order to bridge
an economically challenging environment,
our Heidelberg Financial Services division provides access
to medium and long term financing under favorable terms.

Heidelberg Print Finance.

Especially in emerging markets we support our customers
in their investments in Heidelberg technology
by granting direct financing, if necessary. Such financing is
being provided by our in-house print finance companies.
In doing so, Heidelberg Financial Services does not compete
with leasing companies and banks,
but instead acts as an independent consultant that is in a position
to offer its own financing solutions if required.

For its long lasting commitment in favor of its customers and the strong,
specialist market knowledge the industry journal Leasing Life
awarded Heidelberg Financial Services
as “Captive Finance Provider of the year 2010”.

Financial Services international.

Print houses need tailored solutions, together with personal,
on-site consultancy – this does also apply to financing solutions.

Therefore, our financial experts are at your service in our sales
and service units around the world.

Contact us and we are happy to consult with you.

Everything you need to increase your OEE.

Print Site Contracts.

Print Site Contracts offer you everything you need to increase performance and OEE
from a single source: from consumables and services, workflow and performance analytics
including consulting services, to a complete production system
for industrialized print production.

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