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Compliance with the applicable statutory and other regulations and compliance with generally accepted moral, ethical and social principles are an integral component of the corporate identity of the Heidelberg Group.

Compliance means obeying all laws and regulations relevant to the Company and its employees at all levels, as set out in state and non-state bodies of regulations. This also expressly includes all internal and external regulations and agreements to which Heidelberg voluntarily submits.

State regulations primarily consist of the relevant criminal legislation with a focus on corruption, embezzlement, fraud, bribery and venality, but also labor standards or corporate regulations concerning the responsibilities and liability of corporate executive bodies, particularly in the German Stock Corporation Act and Limited Companies Act. General non-state provisions include, for example, the German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC) and the business judgment rule.

More detailed rules of conduct specifically for all Heidelberg employees are mainly found in Heidelberg’s guidelines and its Code of Conduct. Individual agreements contain specific regulations as well. Potential violations include breaches of duty and misconduct both by Heidelberg employees at all levels and all companies of the Heidelberg Group and by third parties.

Heidelberg is ensuring the implementation of its compliance objectives with a Compliance Management System that serves to raise awareness of compliance issues and to protect the Heidelberg Group, its executive bodies and employees from financial and reputational damage.


Ms Vanessa Kerbusch
Compliance Manager
Tel.: +49 (6222) 82 67113

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