Push to Stop in Prepress.

An important link in the chain of fully automated print production is the provision of damage-free printing plates, in sorted order and at the right time. All manual interventions - so-called touch points - represent a considerable source of error and carry the risk of damage. In addition, the avoidance of these touch points results in a potential for cost reduction in prepress that cannot be neglected.

Push to Stop for printing.

Navigated printing with Push to Stop is now possible on all Speedmaster presses. The patented Intellistart 3 defines all the work steps required for job changes without any operator intervention and creates maximum transparency for both running and pending processes. Intelliguide simulates the time-optimized sequence live and, if necessary, also includes the work steps to be carried out manually.

The machine's intelligence minimizes the operator's influence on performance. Productivity increases, processes are accelerated, plannable and reproducible. The operator is navigated through the processes thanks to a modern and attractive workstation and can thus cope with the growing number of daily demands. Push to Stop at a new level - for optimized Overall Equipment Effectiveness on all Speedmaster models.

Push to Stop for finishing.

With the new Push to Stop function, our Stahlfolder Peak Performance folders (Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P and TX 96) have fully arrived in the Smart Print Shop. Thanks to this function, you can now produce multiple signatures or jobs in the same format and the same type of fold on a common pallet - entirely without touchpoints. Signature separation by means of paper flags in the pile or by different pallets is now a thing of the past: simply stack the signatures on top of each other on a pallet in your press.

The folding machine's intelligent control system automatically detects signature changes - the camera in the machine records every barcode printed on the print sheet. The folding machine then initiates all the necessary measures for the job change and carries them out automatically. The operator can concentrate fully on the fold quality and only intervenes to stop production.

Whether packaging, labels or commercial printing,
Push to Stop is the future of industrial printing.

Micropress Printers Ltd (UK):

Push to Stop for Commercial Printing.

Micropress Printers Ltd. manufactures a wide range of print products, from brochures to magazines and catalogs. These are produced in various formats and with different paper qualities. Operations run virtually around the clock, with only one break on Saturday evenings. James Cross, Production Manager at Micropress Printers Ltd, can now process up to 30 jobs automatically with the company's new Speedmaster XL 106-8-P using the Push to Stop concept.

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Preston Packaging (Poland):

Push to Stop for packaging printing

Polish print shop Preston Packaging specializes in the production of solid board packaging, information brochures and product manuals for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food supplement industries. The company's Speedmaster XL 106-7 + LYYL UV is equipped with a Prinect Press Center XL control station, a Wallscreen XL and the unique Intellistart job change management software, which significantly improves the efficiency of press utilization and optimizes makeready times. Thus equipped, the press can operate fully autonomously in Push to Stop mode.

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My Press Co. Ltd, Thailand

Push to Stop for label printing

My Press Co. Ltd is one of the leading food label printers in Thailand. With the implementation of the Prinect digital workflow, in which all machines are fully integrated, My Press is using Push to Stop technology from HEIDELBERG to bring the level of automation of Industry 4.0 to the pressroom. "Through optimized and standardized processes, we have reduced our costs and increased speed and accuracy enormously. Makeready times have been reduced by 80 percent. A job change takes only 10 to 15 minutes," reports Somsak Amonpitak, owner of My Press Co. Ltd print shop. In addition, the amount of startup waste has been drastically reduced. Depending on the job, only between 100 and 300 waste sheets are now produced, compared to almost 1,000 sheets with the old press.

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