HEIDELBERG Customer Portal

One portal to manage all

Welcome to the new HEIDELBERG Customer Portal. The all-in-one digital portal that provides easy access to production & workflow apps, analytics, service & maintenance, shopping, and administration tools.

In other words: everything you need to run your print shop smoothly and profitably.

Simplify your operations with a single interface to access information and get support, streamlining your print shop responsibilities.

HEIDELBERG Customer Portal
HEIDELBERG Customer Portal
HEIDELBERG Customer Portal

It’s cloud easy

The new HEIDELBERG Customer Portal is fully cloud-based so up-to-date data is always at your fingertips meaning simple access from any device anytime.

The easy to use, fully customizable interface makes it greatly convenient to see what is important at the moment and allows you to take action immediately.

Reduce touchpoints and achieve full transparency in your print shop.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Everything you need for your printing and business operations is accessible at once
  • Device independent cloud-based architecture to access data from anywhere and anytime
  • Real-time data of processes and analytics that helps increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Artificial Intelligence-supported notifications and recommendations for action
  • Data consistency, reliability and security
  • Optimized to be responsive to all end devices making navigation easy and intuitive
  • Maximum flexibility with customizable dashboards

Perfectly organized

We categorized everything for you with simplicity in our minds. Here’s a quick overview of the main types of applications inside the HEIDELBERG Customer Portal

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    For the first time, all relevant data is merged into one solution and is presented and can be interpreted in real time in the new Print Shop Analytics. A comprehensive analytics tool that supports your business with a holistic 360° overview.

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    Everything is here that helps you to prepare, produce and manage your production workflow. The Inventory Management App provides you with up-to-date information on consumables. The Prinect Direct Workflow Apps are going to revolutionize your workflow management.

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    Obtain a complete overview of your current service incidents and maintenance status, including predictive maintenance or use the Online Training App to get access to helpful resources in an array of topics.

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    Get direct access to the HEIDELBERG eShop with straightforward ordering processes and offerings that are customized to your equipment. You can also track orders and get a full overview of all invoices (not available in all countries).

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    Enjoy the benefits of a thorough, quick, and easy overview of all your equipment and contracts.


Insights utilizes key production figures to evaluate and interpret performance, enabling quick problem identification and reporting. With real-time warnings and configurable dashboards, you gain a comprehensive view of important metrics, comparing them to targets and identifying issues in specific areas of the print shop. Additionally, real-time machine monitoring and drill-down analysis empower you to track progress, machine speed, and status remotely.


Benchmarking reports offer detailed insights into machine performance in the market segment, allowing anonymous comparison with competitors for improvement and tracking. Uncover hidden potential in your portfolio to stay competitive, while also visualizing job distribution relative to total production volume.

Performance Advisor Technology (PAT)

PAT utilizes the massive amount of data generated by thousands of presses connected by the HEIDELBERG Cloud. This powerful AI tool monitors and analyzes, press performance, detecting deviations and offering practical suggestions for optimization. By implementing PAT’s recommendations, you can save time, reduce waste, and improve press performance, boosting productivity. Additionally, PAT provides easy-to-understand charts and insights, showcasing potential savings.

Get the most out of Print Shop Analytics

To use the new HEIDELBERG Customer Portal to its full potential, users should have the latest Prinect Production Manager software version 21.10, which is also a must-have to be able to use Print Shop Analytics.


Take advantage of future growth opportunities

The HEIDELBERG Customer Portal will continue to grow in the number of apps. In the future users will also benefit from apps, which automate the production workflow – for digital as well as for offset printing.

Sign up to the new HEIDELBERG Customer Portal and dive deep into its broad variety of digital services and features.

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"With HEIDELBERG, we now have the opportunity to create something really big..."

Gerhard Schmolt, Pressroom Manager
Pinguin Druck

"In order to achieve goals, you have to get very accurate evaluations...and Print Shop Analytics is for this essential."

Alexander Mende, Managing Director
Pinguin Druck

HEIDELBERG Customer Portal
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