Gallus Smartfire: Label printing. Easy. Simple. Smart

Easy to use, economically affordable and suitable for any work environment, the Gallus Smartfire is the perfect starter model for digital label printing.

Saphira Wash Bundle: protect your rollers and rubber blankets

The Saphira Wash Bundle has been specifically put together to ensure optimum washing and printing performance and at the same time longevity of the rubber materials.

Offset the carbon footprint of your printing equipment

With carbon offsetting, we support the reforestation project "Sodo" of the NGO World Vision in Ethiopia, near Mount Damota.

Predictive Monitoring identifies malfunctions to prevent downtime before it occurs

Avoid downtimes and improve service planning – the annual overview shows you all the notifications for each month. A Predictive Monitoring Agreement helps you prevent issues with planned service measures.

Web-to-pack: the next big thing in packaging printing?

Web-to-pack is more than “just” putting an online shop for folding cartons online. It is a basic philosophy for making your business and the entire workflow organization fit for the future in the age of print 4.0.

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22. May 2019

Strong interest from customers in packaging solutions from Heidelberg at the Packaging Days

21. May 2019

Launch of the digital platform “Label Experts” – the new knowledge portal for label printing

17. May 2019

Ultimate Paperbox Purchases Its First Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-8+L

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