Finish what you start – with the Easymatrix 106 C/CS

Outsourcing die-cutting jobs is like sitting on a rocking chair. You’re always moving, but you never get anywhere.

Application support: LE UV & LED UV

Discover the wide range of applications that our LE UV and LED UV products and consumables can help you produce.

Warneke Paper Box installs with Heidelberg Primefire the first B1 format digital printing system in the US

Perfect inking every time

For most companies that print metallic, colored or transparent materials, opaque white is not something they can avoid. Prinect Image Control 3 is the first color measurement and control system to master automatic opaque white control.

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16. August 2018

Heidelberg customers successful in the growth market of labels

Labels give products their unique identity and boost the impulse to buy at the point of sale.

14. August 2018

Heidelberg receives award for its digitization strategy

09. August 2018

InterTech Technology Award for industrial inkjet printing system Heidelberg Primefire

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