Our financing strategy is aimed at ensuring the solvency of the Heidelberg Group at all times. By implementation of a balanced diversification of financing instruments and of the maturity profile, liquidity risks should be limited and capital costs should be optimized.

The financing structure of Heidelberg currently mainly consists of a syndicated credit facility and other instruments and promotional loans, e.g. of the European Investment Bank (EIB).

With the agreed range of instruments, Heidelberg currently is operating with total credit facilities of around € 316 million.


The financing structure of Heidelberg has a balanced maturity profile and is based on diversified financing instruments, showing a successful track record of refinancing activities in the recent years. It consists of the following main components:

• € 250 million Revolving Credit Facility, maturity March 2024

• € 38 million EIB loan, maturity 2024, amortizing

• € 28 million other financing instruments, amortizing

As at July 2022

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