The in-mold label (IML) specialist Creaprint based in the province of Alicante, Spain, has been working with Heidelberg as a technology partner since its creation in 1987.

Today, Creaprint stands out as the leading IML manufacturer in Spain and counts among the top ten manufacturers of this category worldwide.

Creaprint, a success story in the inmold label (IML) segment

Creaprint was born in 1987 in Ibi, - a small town in the province of Alicante, Spain, - as a response to the market demand of the growing toy industry. Creaprint, a family business, became in a few years a specialist in plastic labels. Its desire for excellence led it to implement a robotics research and development plan, which made it a benchmark in IML* labeling. Competition from Asian manufacturers had a very negative impact on the Spanish toy industry, but the printing company, always open to new challenges, decided to expand its markets. Currently, the company exports 35% of its production to the 5 continents and works for sectors as diverse as food, home, toys, agriculture, garden, automotive, electronic devices or cosmetics, among others. Today, Creaprint stands out as the leading manufacturer of IML in Spain and maintains a place of merit within the top-ten worldwide.

Environmentally friendly in mold labelling at Creaprint

IML labeling is one of the best options when it comes to integrating a product label. It does not require subsequent processes which considerably speeds up manufacturing and enables the complete decoration and embellishment of the target container in the same process. IML labels are characterized by their resistance and durability, as they tolerate temperature changes, in addition to having a low environmental impact. As Vicente Guillem, manager of Creaprint, explains: "In our case, the IML technology enables ecological labelling. At Creaprint we take climate change very seriously, which is why we strive to minimize and, if possible, eliminate our environmental footprint. We seek to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our environmental policies are aimed at sustainability, our investments in technology are designed to optimize processes and reduce emissions, our label materials are 100% recyclable, have their origin in recycled materials, and we are currently developing compostable and biodegradable alternatives".

As for its equipment: when the company decided to invest in a new Speedmaster XL 106, it joined the Heidelberg “Equipment CO2 neutral” program. This program enables Creaprint to offset the carbon footprint of its new printing press by participating in the "Sodo" reforestation project carried out by the non-governmental organization World Vision in Ethiopia, near Mount Damota. With the purchase of the "Equipment CO2 neutral" certificate, the printer helps communities in this African region to restore soil fertility, prevent soil erosion, clean drinking water sources and increase biodiversity.

Speedmaster XL 106 and the IML Performance Package

In 2016, Creaprint acquired its first Speedmaster XL 106 DD. This rotary die-cutter revolutionized die-cutting in IML production; with it the company was able to reach 8,000 sheets/hour.

In 2021, the company invested in the newest generation of Speedmaster XL 106. Thanks to the new Heidelberg UX, Creaprint's operators and the press now work hand in hand. The new Intellistart 3 intelligent assistance system constantly supports them in their job changes. The Intelliline LED navigation assistant shows the status of all printing, coating and drying units in real time and at a glance. Thanks to the standardized process system, the printshop manages to avoid errors and has increased efficiency and results compared to the previous machine.

The press is equipped with the IML Performance package and has a special configuration tailored to the printer's needs. With this special equipment, Creaprint's idea is to further increase the net production volume and gain in safety when working with the ultra-light 50 µm thick plastic foils, given the high complexity of working with these materials. "The Performance package guarantees stable, wrinkle-free production at a high speed of up to 15,000 sheets/hour. This enables us to produce faster and more reliably," says Vicente Guillem.

His idea is to continue growing, in an orderly fashion, always backed by state-of-the-art equipment and accompanied by reliable technology partners.

Creaprint S.L Etiquetas IML

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