Folding carton gluing machine
for the pharmaceutical industry.

New Diana Pharma.

As an entry-level folder gluer, the Diana Pharma meets the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry – especially, but not exclusively due to the high-performance embossing module.

Diana Go 85

Value folding carton gluing machine.

Diana Go 85.

Designed for customers needing higher productivity and the ability to offer an expanded portfolio of products to their clients, the Diana Go is attractively priced to ensure a high return on investment in a very competitive market.

Diana Go 85
Diana Easy
Diana Easy

Value folder gluer.

Diana Easy 85/115.

With a production speed of up to 300 m/min, the Diana Easy folder gluer enables fast and comfortable change over processes and a wide range of applications.

Diana Smart 55 / 80 / 115.

Professional folder gluer.

Diana Smart 55/80/115.

Characterized by a compact design and offering production speeds of up to 450 m/min, the Diana Smart is the ideal folder gluer in the medium performance segment, offering a great variety of production applications.

Diana Smart 55 / 80 / 115.
Diana X-2 115
Diana X-2 115

Peak Performance folder gluer.

Diana X-2 115.

The modular design of the Diana X-2 115 series, supported by state-of-the-art servo drive technology, allows you to adapt this folder gluer exactly to your product portfolio.

Diana X 80 / 115

Boost your machine's performance.

Peripherals for MK Masterwork folding carton gluers.

Extend your folding gluer's functionality and diversify your portfolio thanks to our state of the arts peripheral devices: Stack Turner, Inlet Spotter, Feeder, Inspector, and Braille module.

Diana X 80 / 115

Automatic packing systems.

Diana Packer Series.

Our packer systems for Diana folder gluers automatically fill shipping cartons with folded and glued boxes. Highly user friendly and efficient, they can handle from 30,000 to 220,000 boxes per hour of various sizes and shapes - depending on the modell. By enabling you to substantially reduce manual work in your postpress operations, they reduce your production costs while substantially increasing the productivity of your folder-gluing machines.

We offer three models adapted to your needs:

  • Diana Easypacker, a small and quickly adjustable packer for semi-automatic packing of folding cartons
  • Diana Smartpacker, offering more automation and efficiency in smaller size, with an output of up to 130,000 cartons per hour
  • Diana Packer 4.0, which, with an output of up to 200,000 cartons per hour, can keep pace with the maximum running speed of any folder gluer

¹Cartons/hour; estimation may vary depending on carton format and style.

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