Eco-friendly consumables from HEIDELBERG

Saphira Eco

Saphira Eco is our comprehensive line of eco-friendly consumables for prepress, press and Postpress. Products carrying the Saphira Eco label meet or even exceed environmental standards while ensuring top production results. Using Saphira Eco consumables will enable you to meet the requirements of international or regional environmental certification programs such as Nordic Swan, the EU's EcoLabel or the Austrian Environmental Certificate Criteria for print products.

HEIDELBERG has imposed strict rules upon itself for the selection, procurement, and marketing of Saphira Eco consumables. Proof that we keep to these rules and that our management system corresponds to the demands of the ISO 9001/14001 standard can be found in our certificate.

Proof of sustainability: the Saphira Eco catalog of criteria

Our catalog of criteria contains a concise, factual representation of all Saphira Eco product groups. It highlights their relevant components and explains which criteria have led to Saphira Eco consumables being classified as suitable for green printing. It also shows how seriously HEIDELBERG takes its environmental commitment and its self-declared goal of opening up promising new areas of business for customers through environmentally friendly products.

Certified consumables for low migration applications

Saphira Low Migration

Elements from materials used in food packaging must not be allowed to migrate into the contents. Migration depends on the materials used, interaction between the consumables used, and the design of the packaging itself. The processing of the materials (e.g. drying) is frequently the crucial problem in this respect. HEIDELBERG has taken particular care in selecting its range and offers a broad-based portfolio of suitable consumables. This extends from inks, coatings, fountain solutions, and washing fluids to folding carton glue and lubricants.

Another key factor is the subsequent application for the packaging – for instance, will it be used for dried and/or greasy foodstuffs? All materials are specially designed to prevent/minimize migration or impairment of the packaged product.

  • Select consumables for the special demands of packaging printing for the food, pharma, and cosmetics industries
  • Wide-ranging portfolio including inks, coatings, fountain solutions, washes, folding carton glues and lubricants
  • Most products are independently tested and certified as being suitable for use in food packaging printing or compliance documents can be provided

Ideal for the short inking unit

Saphira for Anicolor

Saphira Anicolor consumables have been specially optimized for the Speedmaster SX 52 and Speedmaster XL 75 with Anicolor short inking unit. Both conventional and UV inks as well as fountain solutions are available.

For example, our conventional inks respond perfectly to changes in temperature for precise color control.

This means short setup times and less waste. All Anicolor inks can also be customized and overprinted using digital printing. For UV printing on paper and film, the Anicolor ink series achieves a consistent ink layer thickness, and therefore a constant and steady ink application. The Saphira Anicolor fountain solution ensures a stable ink/water balance and the best printing performance.

Our turnkey package for dazzling coating effects

Tactile Coatings

We are your partner of choice for all your coating needs: Your specialists and ours work together to create an unbeatable combination for the highest quality and performance in your pressroom.

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