Moquin Press, a leading print and packaging service provider in the USA, has recently installed a new Speedmaster XL 106 from HEIDELBERG. This is the first in the United States capable of printing 21,000 sheets per hour and the first in the world designed specifically for label production.

With the installation of the first Speedmaster XL 105 in 2004, business at Moquin Press, based in the Bay Area of San Francisco, developed considerably. The company, whose roots lie in commercial printing, has switched almost completely to packaging printing. They now specialize in folding cartons and cut and stack labels. The company aims to accelerate its customers' transition to high-quality, sustainable packaging that improves the environmental impact of their products.

A machine engineered for longevity

Moquin Press’s latest investment, the Speedmaster XL 106, includes changes to the CutStar and special sheet travel adjustments in the units and the delivery, which are optimized for thinner materials. “Since its inception, the Speedmaster XL press family has undergone a remarkable evolution across various domains,” said Márcio Ribeiro, General Manager at Moquin Press. “Among its notable advancements is the ability to seamlessly operate at peak speeds across a broad spectrum of substrates. The print quality it delivers is exceptional, embodying a machine engineered for longevity.” Moquin emphasises: “Not only is the press incredibly consistent and stable during the run, so many of the processes are automated, and the technology is so intuitive.”

A model for sustainability

“We believe businesses have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact. This press is a significant step in that direction.” By increasing net output, Moquin Press can produce more units in less time, lowering its overall energy usage. Additionally, there is also the option to purchase the new Speedmaster XL 106 CO2-compensated, i.e., the CO2 emissions generated during manufacture of the machine are offset by purchasing climate protection certificates (Gold Standard) from HEIDELBERG. The latest Speedmaster XL 106 includes the CutStar of the fourth generation, which saves up to 50 percent set-up time thanks to its high degree of automation.

Behind the scenes

“Prinect essentially acts as an additional, invaluable assistant within the machinery,” says Ribeiro. “It significantly simplifies the operational process and enables the press operators to extract the utmost performance from the equipment with minimal effort.” Despite Moquin's steadfast investment in cutting-edge technologies, the company’s true attraction to HEIDELBERG is its robust and efficient service department. “Being able to rely on the HEIDELBERG service team has been the driving factor for a lot of our decisions. They have always stood behind their promises. HEIDELBERG has always been a great partner to us.”

About Moquin Press:

  • Head office: Bay Area, San Francisco, USA
  • Established in 1985
  • 51-200 employees
  • Leader in sustainability — Top 25% worldwide

Moquin Press

Specialist areas:

  • Formerly commercial printing
  • Today packaging and label printing
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry

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