The Speedmaster XL 106 opens doors for you – to increased output, higher quality and more profit in industrial commercial printing.

The cost pressure in commercial printing is enormous. Skilled workers are difficult to find and retain. The new Peak Performance generation Speedmaster XL 106 leverages the potential of your industrial production environment. Our Push to Stop philosophy enables you to achieve largely operator-independent performance. Discover the efficient way of printing in order to succeed in a demanding market.

At a glance

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    Quickly off the roll

    CutStar combines the benefits of cost-effective roll-fed stock and productivity of up 21,000 sheets per hour. Boost productivity further: with optional fully automatic reelstand, downtimes and waste for reel changes are also eliminated.

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    Direct-drive Preset Plus feeder

    The direct drive at the feeder allows significantly shorter braking curves. With CutStar, the machine also gets up to speed and back to zero more quickly. This means the high speed can be exploited for smaller print runs too.

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    Clean production environment thanks to PowderStar XL

    Higher ouput does not have to mean higher powder contamination. The new PowderStar XL counteracts this with up to 15 percent less powder consumption and up to 45 percent less machine and environmental soiling.

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    Dynamic sheet brake

    The direct-drive suction belt modules ensure that each sheet is taken over at almost maximum sheet speed and decelerated individually.

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    Uptime XL

    Higher mechanical loads require offerings that increase the availability of the machine. This is supported by more robust components and technical features such as the automatic bearer ring maintenance system and high-volume cam rollers. Preventive maintenance programs and services avoid unplanned downtime.

What customers say

Technical data

Max. sheet size 750 mm x 1.060 mm (29.52 in x 41.73 in)

Min. sheet size
340 x 480 mm (13.39 in x 18.90 in) straight printing
410 x 480 mm (16.14 x 18.90 in) in perfecting mode/straight printing/18,000 sph
440 × 600 mm (17.32 × 23.62 in) with nonstop operation delivery
Max. print format
740 mm x 1,050 mm (29.13 in x 41.34 in) straight printing
730 mm x 1,050 mm (28.74 in x 41.34 in) perfecting mode
Thickness 0.03 mm – 1.00 mm (0.0012 in × 0.039 in) w/o perfecting device, w/o auto-nonstop

0.03 mm – 0.80 mm (0.0012 in × 0.031 in) with perfecting device, w/o auto-nonstop operation delivery
Gripper margin10 mm – 12 mm (0.39 in × 0.47 in) thickness < 0.8 mm (0.03 in)
11 mm – 12 mm (0.43 in – 0.47 in) thickness > 0.8mm (0.03 in)
Performance data
Maximum18,000 sph (standard straight printing presses)
15,000 sph (standard perfecting presses)
18,000 sph (option perfecting presses)
21,000 sph (option straight printing presses)
Pile heights
Feeder 1,320 mm (51.97 in) incl. pile table and pile support plate / elevated +525 mm (20.67 in) or +875 mm (34.45 in)
Delivery 1,295 mm (50.98 in) incl. pile table and pile support plate / elevated +525 mm (20.67 in) or +875 mm (34.45 in)
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