Boost productivity

Your business model is a success, you have customers, and new orders.
And yet...

You have grown as much as you could
and have pushed your capacity and working time models to the limit?

We have the Solution for you: Heidelberg Subscription.

Together, we draw up a plan of action to break the limits of your productivity.

Boost performance

Your price advantages give you an edge over your competitors.
And yet: The cost and time pressure is intensifying, while jobs are becoming increasingly customized, with ever smaller runs? This calls for a higher degree of automation, and intelligent networking.

How can you produce on an even more industrial scale in the future?

Heidelberg Subscription is our solution.

We help make your print shop more effective in the long term.
Together, we design an entire system to meet your precise needs, with integrated workflow, automated processes, and fewer manual interventions.

Boost digitalization

Your strategic goal: digitizing all business processes.
Your company must be fully equipped to master the new digital requirements.

How can you optimize your digital processes to reach your strategic goals?

Our solution: Heidelberg Subscription.

You get the perfectly tuned production system to reach your strategic goals. Together, we transform your print shop’s workflows. We pave the way for automation with Push to Stop. Training and services are part of the package.

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The Equipment as a Service model

The Heidelberg Group is looking to further increase the volume of business with its digital usage-based Subscription Plus model as well as further develop it to a mutual Equipment as a Service (“EaaS”) model by entering into a strategic partnership with the Munich Re Group. With this cross-industry partnership, the two companies are pooling their strengths.

Munich Re as the new contract partner under the new EaaS model takes over the financing of the machine, while Heidelberg is delivering everything which is needed for running your business.  

This strategic cooperation provides our common end customers with entirely new and disruptive business and production opportunities.

More about the Heidelberg/Munich Re partnership

How does it work?

The joint path to success

Our contract offering ranges from Subscription Smart to Subscription Plus, where Heidelberg provides equipment, workflow, perfectly matched consumables, training and consulting, and the service you require. We help you run an optimal and stable printing process. We see to everything – from designing the production system right through to training your employees.

Payment method

Subscription Smart & Plus

With Subscription Smart and Subscription Plus, you pay a fixed monthly rate for an agreed “pay-per-outcome” base print volume. If you exceed the agreed base print volume, an additional impression charge per sheet is due.


Working together with you

Performance analysis

The Heidelberg team analyzes your KPIs and compares them to the rest of the sector.

Target definition

We jointly define ambitious targets for monthly and annual print production – by far exceeding the current productivity.


We use this analysis to plan together how to boost your productivity.


You get the press*, consumables, workflow, consulting, and service. You pay a base rate per month – plus an additional charge per printed sheet.
* with Subscription Plus agreement

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