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Patrick Alandt: What is it like working at Heidelberg?
The work at Heidelberg is very flexible. We work directly at source and experience innovations in the industry first-hand. Heidelberg also makes it possible to gain all kinds of insights in a wide range of areas in the print industry, such as development, assembly, testing and service.

What does the company offer you? What further training opportunities exist?
Because we are directly at source, we are always up-to-date. We receive a lot of update training so that we can use our software optimally and are able to answer any questions that our customers might have.


Nena Jiang: Why study with Heidelberg?
After I had completed my first degree in German Studies in China, I spent two years working as a translator in Purchasing at HGES (subsidiary of Heidelberg in China). While working there I realized that I was very interested in both business and technical contexts. The degree in Industrial Engineering seemed ideal to me because of my interests.

What is special about studies at Heidelberg?
The opportunity to translate learned theory into first practical experience and thus reinforce it. You learn to work responsibly and independently without having to worry, as the Vocational Training division and the specialist departments are always on hand with help and advice for students.

Most interesting project during your studies?
My most interesting project was developing an “early warning system” to optimize deliveries from Chinese sheet metal suppliers. During the project I was able to draw on both my technical and intercultural knowledge.

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