• Fact-based investment decision
  • Made-to-measure machinery and equipment solution
  • Risk of making poor decisions minimized
  • Long-term competitiveness and positioning of your company
  • Support for data exports using interfaces for the most popular MIS to enable easier data transfer
  • Detailed analysis of job data and transparent presentation of your production structure

When you use our investment planning service, our specialists identify potential investments for your business.

Investment consulting: To do this, we examine your individual job structure, your ABC customer structure and your machinery. Based on this, and taking account of your personal market evalua-tion, we develop possible scenarios and then use simulation to demonstrate their impact on your business.

Comprehensive planning data: Using your management information system (MIS), we export all the data required for a comprehensive evaluation of your job portfolio. The best timeframe for this is a year, to balance out seasonal fluctuations. Based on your job data we work with you to define possible future scenarios, using simulation to frame the impact of modified plant and machinery on productivity, capacity and cost-effectiveness.

When the analysis is complete, to minimize the risk of ill-advised decisions we give you a tailor-made solution as to how your equipment and machinery should look. So you can make targeted investments and move forward on the basis of the facts.

Everything you need to increase your OEE.

Print Site Contracts.

Print Site Contracts offer you everything you need to increase performance and OEE
from a single source: from consumables and services, workflow and performance analytics
including consulting services, to a complete production system
for industrialized print production.

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