Impressively simple. How packaging printing works.

Four short seconds. That's how quickly decisions are made at the point of sale. The packaging makes all the difference. Whether food, pharmaceuticals or luxury goods: Folding cartons reflect the value of the product, protect it and create brand recognition – and are as versatile as their contents.

It is precisely this versatility that characterizes the new Speedmaster XL 106 of the Peak Performance generation. Whether you are looking for maximum efficiency with 21,000 sheets per hour or customized configurations with up to 23 units for exceptional finishing effects – anything is possible.


One step ahead of the competition

Lowest cost per sheet

HEIDELBERG technology and service enable high productivity and economic efficiency. Machine availability increases.

  • 21,000 sheets/h – highest speed
  • Simultaneous autonomous set-up processes
  • Availability – robust and low-maintenance
  • Service – support 24/7
  • Print quality – efficient and reproducible


What brands demand

Sustainable packaging production

Legal regulations and the requirements of branded goods manufacturers on packaging production are increasing. Especially when it comes to sustainability.

  • Energy efficiency: optimized dryer technology
  • Functions for waste reduction
  • Optimal use of consumables
  • Transparent energy consumption per job


Attractive working conditions

Find and retain staff

Operators are given optimal support at a modern, digital workstation. Routine work is eliminated so skilled operators can concentrate on value-adding activities.

  • Operator guidance through HEIDELBERG UX
  • Intelligent assistants
  • AI-supported automation
  • Safe, clean and with lower emissions


Customized for you

Partnership with a future

Whether you are a traditional family business or an international group – HEIDELBERG can provide you with customized solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Customized machines for all applications
  • Logistics connection and robotic systems
  • Pay-per-use / Subscription
  • end-to-end solutions for packaging printing
  • Workflow and digital platforms

Customer testimonials

Technical data

Max. sheet size 750 mm x 1.060 mm (29.52 in x 41.73 in)

Min. sheet size
340 x 480 mm (13.39 in x 18.90 in) straight printing
410 x 480 mm (16.14 x 18.90 in) in perfecting mode/straight printing/18,000 sph
440 × 600 mm (17.32 × 23.62 in) with nonstop operation delivery
Max. print format
740 mm x 1,050 mm (29.13 in x 41.34 in) straight printing
730 mm x 1,050 mm (28.74 in x 41.34 in) perfecting mode
Thickness 0.03 mm – 1.00 mm (0.0012 in × 0.039 in) w/o perfecting device, w/o auto-nonstop

0.03 mm – 0.80 mm (0.0012 in × 0.031 in) with perfecting device, w/o auto-nonstop operation delivery
Gripper margin10 mm – 12 mm (0.39 in × 0.47 in) thickness < 0.8 mm (0.03 in)
11 mm – 12 mm (0.43 in – 0.47 in) thickness > 0.8mm (0.03 in)
Performance data
Maximum18,000 sph (standard straight printing presses)
15,000 sph (standard perfecting presses)
18,000 sph (option perfecting presses)
21,000 sph (option straight printing presses)
Pile heights
Feeder 1,320 mm (51.97 in) incl. pile table and pile support plate / elevated +525 mm (20.67 in) or +875 mm (34.45 in)
Delivery 1,295 mm (50.98 in) incl. pile table and pile support plate / elevated +525 mm (20.67 in) or +875 mm (34.45 in)
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