The Push to Stop CutStar offers impressive processing of thinner substrates thanks to higher printing speeds and steady sheet travel. ​

The completely new platform is synonymous with more automation, simple handling, and ease of maintenance.

The CutStar shortgrain sheeter combines the lower costs of web offset with the flexibility of sheetfed offset. The high level of automation in combination with the Prinect Workflow integration saves up to 50% makeready time. Many new innovations make the Push to Stop CutStar more productive even with foils and thin materials.

50% less make-ready time, 30% higher mileage* with the new Push to Stop CutStar

It is installed directly in front of the feeder. The printing stock is unwound from the reel, cut to the required format in the sheeter, and then shingled. The stream of shingled stock is then fed into the feeder for a cost saving of up to 15 percent. With special printing materials such as foils or aluminized paper, the saving is often even greater.

During job changes, you can disconnect CutStar from the feeder at the touch of a button. The press can then continue working in sheetfed mode. The high level of automation, connection, and the control panel adapted to the press make CutStar extremely easy to operate.

At a glance

  • Make ready time savings up to 50%
  • Higher speeds of up to 30%
  • Complete new platform, new design
  • New drive technology
  • New knife geometry
  • High level of automation
  • Ease of use
  • Digital Integration
  • Push to Stop
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Benefit from both - the cost advantages of roll-fed stock
    and the flexibility of sheetfed offset printing
  • Ideal complement for processing thin label papers or foils
    (e.g. in-mold labels) at high production speed

Key features

  • Platform and design
    • New sheeter for economical reel stock
    • Easy access to infeed rollers and knives
    • Less maintenance
    • Quick and easy disconnection for excellent flexibility
    • Easy handling of reel ends
  • Intellistart 3
    • Digital integration
    • Settings for jobs are done via Intelli data
    • Automatically adjustments of sheet length, shingling and format-size
    • Push to stop
  • Processes reel stock
    • Grammages ranging from 40 to 300 gsm and web widths from 480 to 1,060 millimeters (18.90 to 41.73 inches), depending on the press
  • CutStar display
    • Indicates the length of printing stock remaining on the reel
  • New cutting technology
    • CutStar supports foils as thin as 50 microns (0.0020 inches) for e.g. inmould labels
    • Up to 30% quicker with thin substrates

What customers say

“The biggest benefit CutStar offers us is the high level of flexibility when using lower paper grammages than in the past. We now process lightweight papers with 32 g/m2 compared with the 40-70 g/m2 paper normally used. Another plus point is the ability to optimize paper consumption by trimming the paper to the necessary formats, which reduces waste."

Paola Pantaleoni, Managing Director Grafiche Pizzi

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