The spectral measurement system Prinect Inpress Control 3, the only one of its kind in the world, finds the print control strips, the paper white, and the register marks fully automatically – and starts ink control without intervention by the operator.

The color deviation ΔE, which is important in packaging printing in particular, is continuously displayed and adjusted on the fly, without pulling the sheets.

When exactly the required coloring is attained, the good-sheet counter starts automatically and the press begins production. In addition, a tab can be inserted into the paper pile. Prinect Inpress Control 3 in combination with other automation components lays the foundation for Push to Stop, a feature for fully automated job changes without any interruption, from the last to the first good sheet and the start of production. In this way you shorten your set-up times in the long term and achieve unbeatable production speeds.

Prinect Inpress Control 3:

  • Complete package for color and register control
  • Operation and display via the Prinect Press Center XL 3 touchscreen
  • Additional color deviation display on the Wallscreen XL
  • Space-saving micro print control strips can be used without restriction across all formats
  • Netprofiler for colorimetric calibration


  • Fully automatic set-up
  • Quality Assist: automatic run start on reaching the good sheet
  • Register control as standard
  • Unique ΔE display during production without pulling sheets, for maximum quality runs

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Everything you always wanted to know
about color management.

Even though modern digital imaging software can automate the process of color management, certain aspects will always remain subjective. Having a deeper understanding of the principles behind color management and what choices to make helps printers achieve optimal printing results.

Get the lowdown on colorimetry, densitometry, standardization in printing, dot gain vs. dot loss and much more in our expert guide.


Our color and quality measurement systems

Prinect Easy Control

The flexible entry point into automatic spectral measurement technology, integrated into the press control station.

Prinect Image Control 4

Stand-alone color measurement system for connection to up to four Speedmaster printing presses.

Prinect Inpress Control 3

Highly automated spectral measurement systems lays the foundation for Push to Stop.

Prinect Axis Control

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Prinect Inspection Control 4

Top performance for sheet inspection thanks to full integration in Intellistart 3 and the print shop’s workflow.

Dipco Elements

The Prinect print control strips are optimized for color control on Speedmaster presses and the use of Prinect color measurement systems.

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