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Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) fulfills a number of key functions in offset printing. It reduces the surface tension of the dampening solution, ensures more effective wetting of the rollers and printing plate, and stabilizes the ink-water balance.

And yet by eliminating alcohol not only can you save costs and avoid delivery problems, but also protect the environment, improve the climate in the pressroom, and reduce your CO2 footprint.

When making the switch to alcohol-reduced/alcohol- free printing, it is vital that other components take over the functions previously fulfilled by the alcohol. This is now easily possible, without compromising quality or process reliability.

Good for people and the environment

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    Focus on health

    High IPA emissions can lead to headaches, nausea, and poor concentration. Reducing IPA is therefore also good for your employees’ health. Almost all industrialized nations have therefore set occupational exposure limits (OELs) for IPA.

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    Focus on customer acquisition

    Alcohol-free printing is a USP with environmentally aware customers. Reducing IPA thus enhances your image in the long term.

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    Focus on safety

    Pure IPA is flammable at 12 °C (53.6 °F). Dampening solution with 12 % IPA is flammable at 42 °C (107.6 °F). Reducing IPA lowers the risk of fire and explosion due to unfavorable conditions in the print shop or improper handling. Reducing or entirely eliminating IPA consumption is good for resources, improves the climate in the pressroom, and lowers risks to health, safety, and the environment.

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    Focus on the environment

    When IPA is degraded by sunlight, ozone is produced. IPA, like almost all volatile organic compounds (VOCs), therefore contributes to summer smog. It also contributes to global warning and thus to the increase in the greenhouse effect. Reducing IPA is thus good for the environment and reduces your CO₂ footprint.

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    Focus on costs

    The purchase of IPA is subject to market fluctuations, as the crisis during the COVID 19 pandemic has made painfully clear. Eliminating IPA reduces this dependency on supply chains and cuts costs.

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    Focus on quality and productivity

    HEIDELBERG’s IPA service package ensures consistently high quality and optimum process reliability.

Saphira Fount Control

HEIDELBERG IPA service package

HEIDELBERG makes it easy for you to switch to alcoholreduced/ alcohol-free printing with a special IPA service package.

Our IPA service package includes:

  • Optimized machine equipment with CombiStar Pro CAN as the central dampening solution supply.
  • Special LotoTec water pan rollers distributing sufficient dampening solution very evenly over the printing plate and ensuring a good ink-water balance.
  • Use of the correct Saphira dampening solution additive: A wide range of dampening solution additives were tested over several years and optimized for problem-free use in day-to-day work.
  • Enhanced measuring technology for optimum metering.
  • Optional Alcosmart system for accurate, reliable measuring and metering of the alcohol, including for low IPA concentrations (for spot colors and non-absorbent substrates).
  • Service package for easy switching: Alcohol-free printing requires changes in working methods, with employees receiving targeted training during the instruction phase. Our instructors provide you with support during the startup phase and respond to your application-related questions.

Saphira Fount Control

Are you interested in printing with reduced IPA dosage, or even totally alcohol-free?

Reducing alcohol in printing has many benefits – with no compromise on process stability and quality. But the process is complex, affects many aspects of your printing process and requires new, optimized processes.

In our whitepaper*, we explain which factors and technical solutions are involved in this process, from water desalination to the choice of your dampening solution additive and the configuration of inking unit temperature control.

*PDF, 24 pages, available in English and German

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