"We chose the Plate to Unit system for the Speedmaster XL 106
with the aim of reducing our workload".

Aumüller Druck invests in latest generation Speedmaster XL 106 with Plate to Unit and 21,000 sh/h.

The Aumüller Druck motto is "Always a step ahead." It was therefore logical for the company to upgrade to the latest Speedmaster XL 106 model. This press is notable not only for its increased printing speed of 21,000 sheets/hour, but also for being outfitted with Plate to Unit, the fully automated printing plate logistics system from HEIDELBERG. This upgrade represents another significant leap in automation for the company.

Aumüller Druck GmbH & Co KG in Regensburg produces a wide range of brochures, catalogs, leaflets and other printed advertising materials and has been an international leader in lean management and productivity for years. As a concept customer, Aumüller Druck is an important source of input and a valued field tester for HEIDELBERG.

Team Aumüller at drupa is looking forward to the new Speedmaster XL 106-8-P with Plate to Unit and a top speed of 21,000 sheet/h.

Responsibility towards the environment and the 120 employees are part of the self-image of the company, which has been privately owned since 1913. "Shorter runs and higher speeds increase the operator's workload. That's why we opted for the Plate to Unit system for the new Speedmaster XL 106. The operators are significantly relieved and can therefore keep up with the high speed of the press," explains Volker Dollinger.

"With our current Speedmaster XL 106 presses, we often produce at maximum speed without feeling that the machine is at its limit. That's why we are convinced that the higher speed of 21,000 sheet/h will take us another significant step forward," says Maria Aumüller.

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