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24-inch multi-touchscreen

The Speedmaster Operating System with intuitive touch control on the 24-inch multi-touchscreen turns the convenient control of Speedmaster into an experience. Settings can be called up with a click, and the scalable operation can be flexibly adjusted in accordance with the requirement profile (Smart Setup).

Intuitive operator guidance, innovative gesture control, and integrated help functions in 27 languages eliminate lengthy searches. The Speedmaster Operating System delivers fast simple and navigated use of all your machine’s functionalities.

For optimum illumination of the printed sheet

Integrated LED daylight lamp

The integrated LED daylight lamp allows optimum illumination of the print sheets during matching. Prisms and Fresnel lenses produce a uniform but at the same time directional illumination that facilitates the detection of coating defects as well as problems in the screen. The operator is not dazzled, is never directly under the light source, and the Wallscreen in the background is without reflection, as is the print sheet.

The lamp is dimmable if required, as well as switchable between D50 and D65, making it suitable for other applications such as photography and textile patterns. Likewise, it is now easy to select D50 without and with UV content (M0 - M1). This makes it possible to match e.g., proofs according to FOGRA39 and FOGRA51 at the push of a button.

Uninterrupted productivity with Intellirun

Wallscreen XL

The Wallscreen XL completes the one-of-a-kind operator navigation for the highest performance demands and offers complete transparency during set-up and production with the Intellistart 3, Intellirun, and myWallscreen functions.

Intellirun, the dynamic production view, shows the operator the right view at the right time, fully automatically, and provides intelligent information on the current production status. Intellirun thus not only provides support during the automated job change, but also throughout production. All important production steps are therefore automatically supported with the currently relevant display.

The feeder display also shows important job information for optimal integration of the helper.

LED-based navigation


The Intelliline LED-based navigation support extends this logic to the machine, and thus represents the logical expansion of the Intelliguide process display in Intellistart 3 and Intellirun on the Wallscreen XL. The unit status during changeover is visualized in color on all printing, coating, and drying units on the operator and drive sides via Intelliline. The unit status is thus available at a glance anytime, and the user is immediately prompted when intervention is required.

Perfect data and color management in the pressroom

Prinect workflow and Prinect color and quality measurement systems

  • The Prinect Press Center XL 3/4 links the printing press to the print shop’s Prinect workflow. Job data can be transferred and also made available in an automatically defined sequence. The production data is returned fully automatically. This means you benefit from excellent data management, unique presettings, up-to-date production data, and informative reports.
  • Various Prinect color measurement systems are available to you for optimal, reproducible color stability, minimum paper waste, and maximum process reliability:
    • Prinect Inpress Control 3
    • Prinect Axis Control
    • Prinect Easy Control
    • Prinect Inspection Control 3
    • Prinect Inspection Control 4

Note: Components are not always available for all models.

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