User report – Press control systems and Prinect Inpress Control 3.

Modern Litho, USA.

“We knew every sheet running through the current presses was costing a lot more than a sheet running through a more automated technology.” Based on its superior experience with the Speedmaster perfectors at its headquarters in Jefferson City, Modern Litho decided to replace three of the four older presses in Kansas City with a new Speedmaster XL 106-8P+L, said Jim Tomblinson, Modern Litho’s Chief Operating Officer.

Kansas City customers can expect faster turnaround times due to further efficiency gains from the press’s patented Intellistart 3 system, which automatically determines the makeready processes required for jobs to be produced, and the new HEIDELBERG UX, which provides the best possible support for operators at the Prinect Press Center XL 3 control station and at the press itself. “The XL 106 is the best press on the planet,” said Tomblinson, “and it keeps improving with every generation.” While the company will benefit from the technologies of the newest generation of Speedmasters, it will also boost productivity with Prinect Inpress Control 3, the industry-leading inline spectrophotometer that measures and controls color and register on the fly at any speed. Inpress Control enables swift changeovers between jobs, and according to Jeff Davidson, President of Modern Litho, “We’re a big believer in Inpress Control 3 and the efficiency it brings to the press run. We won’t buy a press without it!”

With its partnership spanning over three decades now, Tomblinson says, “It’s easy to continue to choose HEIDELBERG because they keep getting better and better.”

About Modern Litho

Headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri, Modern Litho has been serving the print needs of client organizations for more than 80 years. Regarded as a premier printer of specialized publications and catalogs for niche markets, Modern Litho’s capabilities include high-performance offset print, finishing and distribution of marketing and member communications, advanced variable data print, direct mail, and mailing services.

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