School trajectory?

I was born and raised in China, attended high school there (which is the equivalent of a Gymnasium in Germany) and took the Chinese Abitur.

Why study - and why this particular degree?

After completing my first degree in German studies in China, I worked as a translator in the purchasing department of HGES (HEIDELBERG's subsidiary in China) for two years. In the course of my work, I discovered that I was very interested in the commercial and technical aspects of the company. I then realized that, while translating texts concerning business and technology was indeed interesting, it was much more interesting to work directly in these fields. The Industrial Engineering program seemed an ideal way to achieve this goal.


I really liked the working atmosphere at HGES. Despite certain differences in culture and mentality, the German and Chinese employees work closely together. I hoped that I would be able to contribute further to German-Chinese understanding and possibly also to corporate development for HEIDELBERG after completing my dual study program.

What is special about studying at HEIDELBERG?

The opportunity to put theory into practice and thus consolidate it. You learn to work independently and on your own responsibility without having to be afraid, because the vocational training department and the specialist departments are always there to help and advise students.

Most interesting project during my studies?

My most interesting project was setting up an "early warning system" to optimize deliveries from Chinese sheet metal suppliers. During the project I was able to apply both my technical and intercultural knowledge.

Current job?

Directly after my studies at HEIDELBERG I worked as a project engineer in the area of innovation and idea management. Since last year, I have been working in Consumables Purchasing, a newly established team. The close cooperation with product management, exciting and challenging tasks in a global environment as well as the enormous dynamics of the consumables business particularly fascinate me.

How do I see my future?

At the moment, I am continuing to expand my expertise as well as my network. My goal is to work out even more complex topics on my own in the foreseeable future.

My tips for prospective students

The knowledge you learn in your studies is the foundation for a later project or future job. However, it is much more important to apply this knowledge effectively and efficiently in practice. You learn for and about yourself. Set clear goals before the start of a new semester and work on them.

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