School trajectory?

I attended a classical high school and obtained my general university entrance qualification. My preferences at that time were mathematics, computer science and natural science.

Why study - and why this particular degree?

When time came for me to choose a course of study, I debated whether I should go for a dual training program or for purely academic studies. The perspective of gathering real practical experience and of alternating the actual study with actual work was what made me opt for the first option. There is a special status attached to students in German companies that allows them to ask questions anytime and anywhere while benefitting from the insights of colleagues who have years of experience. Even during my school years, I was very passionate about computer science and spent a lot of time outside of class using digital media. In doing so, I learned many things on my own and also tried them out in practice. Last but not least, a temporary job in the field of media design also helped to strengthen my interest in digital media and to decide on exactly this course of study.


At the time of my application, HEIDELBERG was badly affected by the financial crisis. Nevertheless, the company maintained its commitment to promoting young talent by offering a wide range of study positions. This is one of the important reasons why I chose HEIDELBERG. The company's reputation for excellent training was still untouched, both for traditional vocational training and for dual studies. In the final selection, HEIDELBERG made the cut thanks to the very free design options it offered for the practical semesters as well as the technical proximity to the study topic.

What is special about studying at HEIDELBERG?

The experience in printing technology is second to none. There is an incredible amount of knowledge potential, both in terms of high-tech development, dealing with print applications, and integrating all processes into a uniform workflow. The willingness of the staff to support young people and transfer knowledge is very strong. In addition, the company has a unique reputation in the industry due to its history and can convince through worldwide contacts. HEIDELBERG is often seen as the benchmark in the printing industry.

Most interesting project during my studies?

The most exciting project was also the subject of my bachelor's thesis at the same time. In sales for digital printing systems, I developed the concept for customer communication via the Internet to open up new markets. The core of this was a website for direct and very easy ordering of print samples of Versafire digital printing systems. After entering the personal data, the orders were printed in a short time in the demo center and handed over to the ordering customer via the sales colleague in personal contact. Today, the idea of free print samples is widespread in HEIDELBERG campaigns worldwide and in some sales regions it is the most frequently used contact measure for new customers.

Current job?

In my last practical semester, I joined the product management team in the digital printing division. After just under three years, I reoriented myself thematically and sought new challenges as an assistant to one of the board members. Today, I'm in Sales Excellence and work very closely with sales in data and tools-based sales support. My daily challenges are driven by the idea of providing the best possible support to sales people for their contact with our customers.

How do I see my future?

What will come tomorrow? I don't know. And to be honest, I don't want to have to predict it today either. The world of digital media changes so quickly that the latest developments are already outdated tomorrow - changes come every day. But I do know one thing: My professional journey is not over yet. I will continue to be open to the coming demands and face the ever-changing structures with open arms.

My tips for prospective students

Criticism can be constructive! Ask as many questions as you can and take every opportunity to gain experience. There are many ways to shape your studies, but time is limited and you will only go through this path once. So take advantage of the opportunities provided by your studies to gain the most experience possible as you enter the workforce. There will be plenty of time after that to rest on your laurels...

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