School trajectory?

I first obtained my secondary school leaving certificate at a 2-year vocational school specializing in electrical engineering. This was followed by training at HEIDELBERG as an electronics technician for devices and systems. At the same time, I attended an evening school where I completed my entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences. In March 2017, I started my bachelor's degree (automation technology) in cooperation with HEIDELBERG. Building on this, I then enrolled in the master's program in electrical engineering.

Why study - and why this particular degree?

A degree program opens up new career options, teaches important key skills and makes you more independent. The most important aspect for me, however, is to live out my personal interests, which is why I chose electrical engineering.


HEIDELBERG is a local company that operates in various sectors. Many companies rate the quality of training at HEIDELBERG very highly. I can agree with that 100%. Whereas other, predominantly smaller training companies focus exclusively on practical work, HEIDELBERG places great emphasis on a balanced relationship between theory and practice. This means that the topics taught at (university) level are no longer unknown.

What is special about studying at HEIDELBERG?

Definitely the flexible working hours and the independent project search. This makes it possible to work on topics exactly in your own field of interest and, if things are more stressful at the university, to coordinate your working days differently.

Most interesting project during my studies?

During my master thesis I investigated AFE topologies, dimensioned them and compared them in terms of costs, construction volume and efficiency. An AFE is the most important subcomponent for a passenger car DC charging system.

Current job?

In addition to the well-known AC wall boxes for home use, the charging offer is to be extended to DC charging. For this purpose, different design concepts and solution approaches have to be investigated. These solutions will then have to be developed and evaluated.

How do I see my future?

Hardware developer in the field of e-mobility.

My tips for prospective students

Don't learn just before the exams, otherwise the knowledge won't stay in your long-term memory and actually you need what you learn. Look for projects that interest you, go through as many areas as possible. In this way, you will build up a large network and will not have any fixed views/approaches to many projects.

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