School trajectory?

Abitur (high school diploma) at the Gymnasium am Kaiserdom in Speyer.

Why an apprenticeship and why this program in particular?

After leaving school, I always wanted to get to know everyday work and practice first. An apprenticeship offers the ideal opportunity to enter the working world and immediately put theoretical and commercial knowledge into practice. As an industrial clerk, you will later have a wide range of knowledge at your disposal, which can be used in the most versatile areas. This training occupation provides the basis for later jobs or courses of study.


HEIDELBERG has been known for many years for its excellent training. A large, international company offers many opportunities and opens a number of doors.

What makes training at HEIDELBERG so special?

HEIDELBERG offers trainees the opportunity to look into very many different areas and departments. They also have the opportunity to work on a number of projects. Training is very varied and offers the prospect of personal and professional development. HEIDELBERG places great emphasis on independence and responsibility, even during training.

Most interesting project during my apprenticeship?

Helping out at the apprenticeship Christmas market and participating in student fairs.

Current job?

Purchasing manager in Hall 9, electronics production.

How do I see my future?

I am currently studying business administration part-time at the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen. For the future, I'm aiming for my bachelor's degree and thinking about a master's degree. In the medium term, I definitely see myself continuing at HEIDELBERG and will be surprised to see what the future brings. I'm happy to take on new challenges.

My tips for prospective trainees

Be open to new things and take what you can ;) Take advantage of the opportunities and get involved - this time won't come around again.

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