School trajectory?

Secondary school leaving certificate, commercial vocational college, further training to become a certified logistics master.

Why an apprenticeship and why this program in particular?

Simply put, because I didn't feel like going to school anymore... I wanted to do something and discover something new.


Many friends and acquaintances worked or work here. That's why I've known the company since I was a child. I was also aware of the good reputation of the training. The short distance to my home was also very important to me.

What makes training at HEIDELBERG so special?

The training program does not limit itself to the mandatory contents prescribed by training regulations - it includes much more and goes beyond purely technical contents. Logistics training in particular takes place in all warehouse areas at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site. There are currently around ten warehouses and 20 training areas, and learning takes place in the live system everywhere. This means that the trainees can be deployed in an absolutely flexible manner, and independent, self-reliant work is encouraged from the very beginning. A lot of emphasis is also placed on ensuring that the trainees understand the entire process chain.

Most interesting project during my apprenticeship?

Working on the acquisition of new tractor units: conducting and evaluating road tests with various tractor units from different manufacturers.

Current job?

Responsible as logistics foreman in the area of hall-internal logistics hall 6 and warehouse hall 11, instructor of forklift drivers, training officer for logistics professions.

How do I see my future?

Helping to shape my department; contributing ideas and improvements that further develop the department and HEIDELBERG; I also find tasks as part of various projects or processes very exciting and would like to be involved.

My tips for prospective trainees

Show what you can do, be friendly, motivated and committed.

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