Maximum production quality and fast delivery of cardboard packaging with the Speedmaster XL 106

Founded in 1995 in Istanbul by Burhan Özdemir (now Chairman of the Board), Omaks Packaging is one of Turkey's leading specialists in cardboard packaging. The company offers its international customers a wide range of high value-added products, including: boxes with different locking types, POS, high strength laminated carton boxes, boxes made of corrugated cardboards as well as different types of secondary packaging types, blisters and flip top boxes compatible with automatic filling lines.

Keen to continue pushing production to the highest level, the company recently decided to invest in a new Speedmaster XL 106-7+LX. This new elevated press is equipped with state-of-the-art features and functions, such as: Prinect Inpress Control 3 with inline color measurement and register technology, Hycolor Multidrive, 18,000-sheet/hour print speed, Intellistart 3 and Wallscreen XL with Prinect Press Center XL 3 and Intelliline print unit LED navigation system.

Here's how Omaks Packaging board member Atilla Özdemir describes the benefits the new press has brought since its installation:

“I've been following the HEIDELBERG brand closely for a long time, through factory visits and demonstrations. The Speedmaster presses' high level of automation, their intuitive design offering a simple and efficient user interface, and some unique features such as automatic color adjustment with Prinect Inpress Control played an important role in our purchasing decision.

Very soon after our press went into production, we started analyzing data. Thanks to the Prinect Analyze Point software installed with the press, we now collect all productivity-related data such as saleable sheets, waste, average speeds, automatic measurements from first to last sheet via Prinect Inpress Control, as well as the color standards of these measurements.

If they wish, this data can be shared with our customers, so they can be sure that colors are within tolerance throughout the production process. In terms of efficiency, our output per shift is really excellent on our new Speedmaster XL 106, just as the HEIDELBERG team promised. More importantly, the time lost in preparation and the amount of waste have decreased significantly".

Multicolor applications thanks to 7-color printing

“Shortly after installing the machine, we produced Multicolor prints using 7 colors. We could then observe that the sharpness and vividness of an image printed with the CMYK color universe increased when printed with the Multicolor technology.

What’s more, we were able to combine almost all PANTONE® colors with a single print without any problems. Applications using this process attract particular attention from brands and are in high demand today. In this respect, I'd like to emphasize that Prinect Inpress Control is indispensable for all these applications.

Another advantage made possible by our new press: the G7 certificate is a printing standard widely demanded in America, where gray balance is at the forefront. We are the first plant in Turkey to have been awarded the "G7 Master Facility" title for cardboard packaging.

Our expertise in color ensures the renewed confidence of our customers, and paves the way for potential new customers who only work with suppliers with G7 certifications. Thanks to the Speedmaster XL 106, all this has become easy to achieve".

The benefits of Analyze Point and efficient Service

"The HEIDELBERG service team in Turkey is truly efficient and experienced. In the event of a malfunction, the technicians arrive at our site quickly and provide effective solutions, keeping downtime to a minimum.

It's very important to me that our staff know what they're doing, and how to use the machine's options effectively. I myself have worked with Prinect Analyze Point - and I think it's a very good thing that it comes with the machine. I'm convinced that, in the future, the brands we work with will ask for access to the analyses delivered by this software.

I think the fact that there are not only mechanics and electronics engineers, but also software experts in the service team is an indication of the importance HEIDELBERG attaches to this subject".

About Omaks Packaging:

  • Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Established in 1995
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2015, BRC/iop, FSC CoC and G7 Master Certified


  • Food packaging and takeaway boxes
  • Stationery packaging
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Industrial packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Textile packaging
  • Gift boxes
  • Displays (POS)
  • Leaflets and package inserts

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