The Anicolor 2 technology

The inking unit of the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2 consists of a single-speed screen roller with ink chamber blade. The ink is transferred from the screen roller to the printing plate by an ink form roller. The ink density can be markedly changed and adapted to a wide range of substrates and spot colors by adapting the temperature and activating the Anicolor booster.

Economical even with short production runs

Even short production runs can be economically produced with the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2. The fast and constant inking means that print jobs are ready for production after just a few sheets. With longer runs, you benefit from the advantages of the offset technology.

At a glance

  • Cost-effective production of very short runs
  • Shortest makeready times
  • Cost savings thanks to least possible paper waste
  • High standardization and automation of the printing process
  • Fast, uniform inking and high production stability
  • Wide variety of substrates
  • Printing of spot colors, metallic colors, and UV or special coatings

Suitable for the following segments

One of the main areas of application of Anicolor 2 is commercial printing , where the Anicolor technology provides the optimal solution for fast and economical printing of very short runs.

In label and packaging printing (e.g. in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry), Anicolor 2 opens up huge savings potential for very short production runs. Spot colors can be changed extremely quickly or replaced by means of the Multicolor workflow.

What customers say

Drukkerij Leeflang, Netherlands.

Drukkerij Leeflang uses Multicolor and Anicolor technology from HEIDELBERG to simulate spot colors for its pharmaceuticals packaging.

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