Prinect Easy Control is the ideal introduction to spectral measurement technology – simple to operate and easy removal of the measuring device.

This means that the high-precision spectrophotometer is also available for work outside the press. Prinect Easy Control is also the most economical system in its class. Job and color information are stored together and easy to recall for reprints at any time. The system is integrated in the press control station to save space. The operator can carry out checks without leaving his work station, and concentrate on print quality at all times.

The measuring speed of up to 135 mm/second (5.91 in/sec.) ensures continuous productivity: an A3 sheet takes only four seconds to measure.

Prinect Easy Control:

  • Integrated in the press control station
  • Powered horizontal measuring device travel, manual vertical setting
  • Sheet fixing with gripper magnets and rollers under the measuring device


  • Measuring speed up to 135 mm/second (5.91 in/sec.)
  • Common storage of job and color information for faster inking-up on repeat jobs
  • Automatic detection of the print control strip saves time and eliminates the need for manual assignment
  • Free positioning of the control strip on the printed sheet (e.g. leading edge, center, trailing edge) for flexibility and material savings



Everything you always wanted to know
about color management.

Even though modern digital imaging software can automate the process of color management, certain aspects will always remain subjective. Having a deeper understanding of the principles behind color management and what choices to make helps printers achieve optimal printing results.

Get the lowdown on colorimetry, densitometry, standardization in printing, dot gain vs. dot loss and much more in our expert guide.


What customers say

Verlag Druckerei Ebner, Germany

"With such a productive press as the Speedmaster CX 75, manual operating steps must be reduced to a minimum. That only works with appropriate workflow integration, artificial intelligence and spectral color measurement technology," says Christian Ebner.


Our color and quality measurement systems

Prinect Easy Control

The flexible entry point into automatic spectral measurement technology, integrated into the press control station.

Prinect Image Control 4

Stand-alone color measurement system for connection to up to four Speedmaster printing presses.

Prinect Inpress Control 3

Highly automated spectral measurement systems lays the foundation for Push to Stop.

Prinect Axis Control

The fastest color measurement system in its class for packaging and commercial printing.

Prinect Inspection Control 3

Top performance for sheet inspection thanks to full integration in Intellistart 3 and the print shop’s workflow.

Dipco Elements

The Prinect print control strips are optimized for color control on Speedmaster presses and the use of Prinect color measurement systems.

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