Efficient, fast, and error-free: StackStar P

With modern robotic technology, you can reduce manual intervention and potential sources of errors to achieve maximum output. Automatic stacking allows you to reliably utilize the maximum capacity of your most productive folding machine.

The StackStar P stacks up to 300 packages per hour – fast enough to keep up with even the most productive folding machine. It can produce a pile height measuring up to 1.06 m on EPAL 1 Euro pallets.

At a glance

  • Robust, durable industrial robot
  • One gripper for all standard signature formats
  • Easy operation using graphical user interface and fully automatic setting of all makeready parameters
  • Automated insertion of intermediate layers by the robot
  • Turning of the signature packages by the robot (first page top to first page bottom)

Key features

  • Feed table
    The feed table separates the packages during production in two-up mode and acts as a buffer section during the pallet change

  • Aligning and jogging station
    The aligning and jogging station serves as the transfer point for the signature packages to the robot. Two vibrating plates attached to the side ensure flush piles before transfer.

  • Touchscreen control
    The StackStar P is controlled via an intuitive graphical user interface. Most common formats and stacking layouts can be set fully automatically and in next to no time by entering a few parameters. We can program special stacking layouts for you on request.

  • Industrial robot
    The robot from Fanuc integrates seamlessly into the overall system and boasts impressive robustness and durability. Its performance is also perfectly matched to our requirements for such a system.

  • Gripper
    The gripper of our StackStar P grips formats between A5 and A4. The formats can be set flexibly and automatically. It grips extremely reliably, yet gently enough so as not to damage any sheets. It places the packages close together in rows on the pallet.
    Its features include two suction heads for automatically inserting intermediate layers.

  • Safety concept
    In the long run, only a robust industrial robot can deliver real performance paired with maximum technical availability. But a robot like this needs a safety fence. That is why we deliberately chose this robot with a compact lattice fence. This enables you and your operator to work safely and as intended on the StackStar P, which has been tested by an external, neutral test center and certified with the GS mark.

Technical data

Payload capacity
Signature format
length×width (max.)
330 mm × 330 mm (12.99 in x 12.99 in)
Signature format
length×width (min.)
220 mm (8.66 in) × 155 mm (6.10 in)
Package height (max.)(max.) 160 mm (6.29 in)
Package height (min.)25 mm (0.98 in)
Paper weight60–250 g/m2
Package weight (max.)8 kg
Performance300 packages/hour
Pallet height (max.)1,060 mm (41.73 in)
Pallet format (max. Euro pallet EPAL 1)
Length×width (max.)
1,200 mm (47.24 in) × 800 mm (31.49 in)
Paper weight for intermediate layer135–250 g/m2
PLC controlTouchscreen
Number of grippers (max.)1
Compressed air / Electric supply
Compressed air supply*  
Compressed air consumption (min.)225 Nl/min
Supply pressure unlubricated (min.) 6 bar
Coupling socket (min.) NW7.2
*The compressed air supply must be prepared by the customer. 
Electrical performance 
3 × 400V, 50/60Hz 5kVA
3 × 400V, 50/60Hz with 3 × 400V transformer5kVA
Recommended back-up fuse 
3 × 400V, 50/60Hz 16A
3 × 400V, 50/60Hz with 3 × 400V transformer16A

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