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Stahlfolder TH/KH-P.

Together, Stahlfolder TH 82-P and KH 82-P form the Peak Performance category of our TH/KH series. Benefit from all advantages of our Stahlfolder TH/KH 82 folding machines plus a good piece of profitability on top.

The new Stahlfolder TH 82-P and KH 82-P folding machines are specially designed for the requirements of industrial signature production. Increase your output by up to 50 percent using the shingled folding method. The folding quality and process stability are retained, because there is no need to increase the machine speed.

Due to this high productivity, which corresponds to the productivity of your press, each folding machine can be assigned to one press. This makes your production planning a lot easier and reduces the complexity of processes.

Smart solutions for fast job changes, such as the new Push to Stop function or the new Stahlfolder CombiCurve CC 41 for your Stahlfolder KH 82-P, ensure that this productivity can be converted into a high net output, even at short runs. This ensures the efficiency of the production process and thus your profitability.


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