Addressing the staff shortage in print finishing.

The StackStar C is the technological answer to the shortage of skilled workers in postpress. This automatic stacking system relieves the operator physically, which increases employee satisfaction and health. Cutting-edge robot technology creates a more attractive workplace at the folding machine, which makes recruiting easier. In addition, staffing requirements are reduced, as several folding machines can now be operated by just one operator.

The coexistent stacking system with intelligent safety features allows humans and robots to work together without a safety fence. The safety zone is clearly identified by light markings on the floor.

Light marking

The light marks the safety zone around the robot.

Symmetrical design

The packages can be fed in from both sides.

Uninterrupted quality control

Samples can be removed during production without stopping the stacking system.

At a glance

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    Rotatable system

    Thanks to the symmetrical design of the stacking system StackStar C, it can be rotated by 180 degrees to suit your production flow. Therefore the pallet positions will be either on the inside or the outside. The infeed and outfeed ends of the feed line can be folded in to simplify machine repositioning within the production environment.

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    Efficient work thanks Push to Stop

    The StackStar C supports the Push to Stop philosophy. The system provides two pallet positions for uninterrupted work. In conjunction with the folding machine’s autonomous signature change, up to four different signatures can be stacked on separate areas.

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    Uninterrupted stacking

    Two pallet positions and an efficient stacking process enable uninterrupted work. This enables you to plan productivity.

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    Greater flexibility

    The coexistent stacking system is highly flexible in terms of location. Thanks to its autonomous concept, it can be used with a range of different finishing machines. In conjunction with a Stahlfolder folding machine, you can even benefit from integrated interface communications.

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    More freedom

    An intelligent safety concept allows reliable operation without a safety fence. The operator can clearly see the safe working area around the robot thanks to the safety zone marking.

Key features
Commercial Printing

Suitable for the following segments

The stacking robot StackStar C is the perfect technology for the commercial printer.
To find your optimal configuration, please contact your local HEIDELBERG sales representative.

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Commercial Printing

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