The trend towards short runs and tight delivery deadlines is putting pressure on production. It is important to have efficient makeready processes that cut costs and help to make better use of existing capacity.

  • Our experts at Heidelberg Business Consulting make full use of the print shop's potential when it comes to makeready. Together with the customer, they optimize makeready processes and improve productivity and cost-effectiveness in the long term.
  • Together with the printers, the experts reduce press makeready times in several steps:

  • The results are presented at a final presentation.
  • Sustainability is ensured by regular training.

Expected results:

  • Analysis of key figures
  • Common understanding of goals (managers and employees)
  • Qualification of printers
  • Define potentials and work out solutions with employees
  • Standardize the set-up process
  • Ensure sustainability through training

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Hans-Jürgen Fink
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 172 6348049


Johannes Pfeuffer
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 172 6339808


Giuseppe Lanza
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 172 142 4512 


Dennis Müller
Consultant Tel.: +49 172 6183931


Ines Hanisch
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 6222 82 66903

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