• Steadily rising material costs account for a large proportion of manufacturing costs. Optimizing the use of materials therefore has a threefold effect:
  • It saves production time, paper costs and natural resources. A clear benefit for every company.
  • With the help of our experts from Heidelberg Business Consulting, productivity is increased and paper costs reduced in a waste workshop.
  • Together with the customer, waste is reduced in several steps.

  • The results are presented at a final presentation.
  • The regular review of the key figures and measures ensures sustainability.

Expected results:

  • Assessment of machine condition
  • Key performance indicators
  • Alignment of management (goals, role understanding)
  • Qualification of employees
  • Reduction of waste
  • Regular review of sustainability

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Hans-Jürgen Fink
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 172 6348049


Johannes Pfeuffer
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 172 6339808


Giuseppe Lanza
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 172 142 4512 


Dennis Müller
Consultant Tel.: +49 172 6183931


Ines Hanisch
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 6222 82 66903


Steven Brüggemann
Business Analyst Tel.: +49 6222 82 67641


Stefan Widua
Senior Consultant Tel.: +49 172 7444751


Klaus Kohl
Head of Service, Parts & Consulting Tel.: +49 6222 82 68652

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