Printing press installations are complex undertakings with far-reaching implications.

Matthias Maurer, Installations team leader, explains how the process works, from technical inventory to press installation and commissioning.

Mr. Maurer, why is detailed planning of the installation of a Speedmaster so important?

The local conditions of a print shop are the framework for installing a Speedmaster. It is therefore very important for us to consider this at an early stage and to define and create the necessary conditions. In this way, every Speedmaster is integrated into the on-site processes on schedule and achieves maximum performance as quickly as possible.

Which aspects of the installation do you consider in advance with the customers?

Together with our customers, our installation managers look at the existing infrastructure in the building and advise them on the requirements for their Speedmaster.

If necessary, measures are initiated in advance with all departments involved in order to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly.

In this way, we ensure that the static requirements (foundation) at the location and all required external connections such as electrical supply including feed points, cooling design, removal of the process exhaust air, and air conditioning in the pressroom, are prepared accordingly.

How high is the percentage of machines that require this service?

Each individual Speedmaster is accompanied by an experienced installation coordinator right up to the start of production. How much advice and planning is necessary in advance depends, of course, on the size and equipment of the machine.

Which other departments at Heidelberg are involved in the installation planning process?

Thanks to the global network of Heidelberg Planned Service, we have colleagues in all of our Sales and Service Units who are available as local contacts whenever a Speedmaster is installed.

How do your customers benefit from this pre-installation service?

The preliminary planning includes defined milestones and precise coordination of all substeps. In this way, the entire process up to the agreed handover date can be adhered to.

Our installation coordinators continuously monitor and accompany the process and regularly inform customers about the status. In the event of any deviations, all activities can be adapted promptly and quickly thanks to direct communication.

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