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Every month, we reveal new secrets of the Speedmaster technology and highlight some of the most remarkable details of its journey to your print shop. Find out how the unmatched quality of machine parts, the strict and comprehensive testing methods and our sustainable manufacturing options can contribute to your business.

This month's highlights


The Heidelberg owned foundry in Amstetten turns appr. 86,000 metric tons of cast iron per year into high precision parts. Perfectly tuned production processes ensure that all heavy metal parts - from the smallest to the biggest gear - will add to smooth print production.

Machine guards, cylinders, gears and countless other essential parts are designed and made in close cooperation between R&D and manufacturing.

Everything has to fit perfectly down to the last millimeter to contribute to the highest quality output possible.

Precision is in the details...

Proof of quality

Before a machine is delivered to our customers we also test the details for precision and quality to have the paper travel smoothly through each Speedmaster.

  • Optical analysis of electronic components is conducted with infrared, stereo, digital and even electron microscopes.
  • We test all electronic parts under different climate conditions from arctic temperatures to desert-like environments with the climate stress chambers.
  • The electronic compatibility of certain electronics are tested by analyzing electric, magnetic and electromagnetic emissions.


Making printing environmentally friendly is one of important initiatives. Speedmaster presses are a great example of how our technology can contribute to a better future and a cleaner planet. We are capable of manufacturing all our models completely CO2-neutral which makes them a great investment, also for our clients reputation.

Our contribution through CO2-neutral manufacturing

More highlights

Customer focus

The Speedmaster line is designed and engineered in close partnership with our customers to get the best possible results for full day-to-day operation. The two main benefits are:

  • Engineered for the specific purpose - The machines are highly customizable to serve individual needs
  • Designed for printers by printers - Customer feedback is integrated into all new features and products

Do you have any special demand for your print shop?


Each Speedmaster comes “ready to print” - presettings and characteristic curves that have been developed and extensively tested in our R&D facilities. These automatically set functions make the press ready to start production in no time.  We are turning Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Business Analytics into measurable increased success.

Transform your print shop into a digital one to achieve measurable success.


To really appreciate a Speedmaster, we must look “into its soul”. Each model has numerous novel features and functions that have never been implemented before by anyone in the printing industry. These innovations are developed to serve today’s demands and get print shops around the world ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Get ahead of the industry with the help of cutting-edge technology.

To be continued

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