User report - Press control systems.

Aumüller, Germany.

The new, fully automatic Color Assistant Pro with its new self-learning function optimizes itself in the background without any operator intervention.

The print shop specializes in high-quality sheetfed offset in short, medium, and long runs for small, medium-sized and global companies. Using the latest technologies, the print shop is generally considered as a pioneer in the printing industry. The production halls are home to four state-of-the-art Speedmaster XL 106-8 presses. The print shop has intensively tested the new, self-learning Color Assistant Pro over several months with great commitment. In conjunction with the color measurement system Prinect Inpress Control 3, this assistance system optimizes ink presetting. It thereby fully automatically adjusts the press to changed production conditions such as ink batch, paper or inking standard.

According to Managing Director Volker Dollinger, the entire production staff is impressed with the performance of this new function. "The ink presettings are permanently optimized and always up-to-date," he says, summing up the experience gained. "Incorrect operation is impossible due to the fully automatic mode." To this end, Color Assistant Pro continuously monitors the color setpoints and ink zone settings. An optimization is only done automatically if an improvement is possible, and no implausible changes are made.

"Since we started using Color Assistant Pro, we have improved the quality of our ink presetting so that the first measurement results are usually within the tolerance range of the PSO standard. Evaluations have shown that the first measurement results have improved by 15% and waste has even been reduced by a further 20%. In addition, the quality of inking stability at the start of the run and in production has improved even further. This has convinced even our most skeptical printers. When it comes to improving quality and productivity, the new Color Assistant Pro in conjunction with Inpress Control 3 is a unique advantage," concludes Volker Dollinger with satisfaction.

Aumüller Druck, Germany

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