User report - Press control systems.

Koprint AG, Switzerland.

Artificial intelligence on the Speedmaster XL 75-5+L – the Powder Assistant in action.

When it comes to automating job changes, simplifying Workflows and reducing manual intervention by the operator to a minimum, this is done on modern Speedmaster presses using embedded functions with artificial intelligence (AI).

The print shop Koprint AG in the canton of Obwalden in central Switzerland has also been working with the AI-supported Powder Assistant function on its Speedmaster XL 75 five-color with coating unit for some time now. "The operators are seriously impressed with the new function”, expresses production manager Joska Malijanski. "With the Powder Assistant, we achieve consistent print quality with less powder use, and as a result, the cleaning time for the press is also much shorter. Depending on the ink coverage and substrate, the optimum presetting is selected independently, without intervention by an operator”, says a delighted Joska Malijanski.

The unique, intelligent software application automatically suggests an optimized powder setting based on the area coverage values from the workflow and depending on the substrate and whether a water-based coating is used over the entire area or only partially in the coating unit. Also, on perfecting presses, the area coverage values of straight printing and perfecting are considered when calculating the powder quantity. As the Powder Assistant is fully integrated into the Intellistart 3 process, the operation is extremely intuitive and simple.

"Previously, we often did not adjust our powder settings to suit the job, which led to an increased powder load”, says Joska Malijanski. "Thanks to the Powder Assistant, we have been able to reduce the powder amount on the new Speedmaster XL 75 and have fewer powder-related faults in Postpress”, says the production manager with satisfaction.

Koprint AG is a medium-sized commercial print shop and, as a purely family-run business, operates in an extremely climate-friendly manner. Products include business stationery, brochures, catalogs, flyers, and posters, also with special inks and special coatings on request. Prepress, digital printing, finishing, personalization and mailing solutions are naturally also part of the comprehensive range of services.

"In particular, our long-standing customers appreciate the diverse range of products and services we offer and our continuous growth towards becoming a printing services provider. For us, this also includes investing in products and systems with a promising future”, says Jochen Konrath, owner and Managing Director of Koprint AG. "And that is why we opted for the new Speedmaster XL 75-5+L. It offers maximum flexibility and automation and sets new standards in assistance systems."

Koprint AG, Switzerland

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