Up till now, if you wanted to give print products a tactile finish by applying a textured coating, the only option was to use screen printing, but now the same effect can be achieved with offset printing.

The all-in-one Tactile Coatings package means offset print shops can now use this method out of the box to stand out from the competition with new surface finishing ideas. Tactile Coatings is only available as an all-in-one solution and consists of a screen roller developed by Heidelberg, appropriate Saphira coatings and the necessary application know-how, which saves users from having to perform costly test runs themselves. A specialist from Heidelberg provides on-site support and shows how the technology can be implemented with process stability.

Surface finishing is carried out either inline with a dual-coating press or in two passes with a UV-compatible conventional chambered blade system. Tactile Coatings is ideal for print shops looking for an easy way to expand their portfolio with an interesting surface finishing option. For example, it can be used to simulate complex embossing. Surface textures can also be produced inline on folding cartons, brochures and magazine covers – as is the case with the last edition of our customer magazine Heidelberg News . You can feel the tactile effect for yourself in the textured coating applied to the clouds on the cover page.

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