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More powerful machines and increased digitization are set to double productivity in the printing industry over the next ten years. In the light of rising prices for resources and ever shorter print runs, this is also essential because margins are increasingly moving into processes.

In the latest edition of our Heidelberg News (HN) magazine, discover trends and innovations from the world of print, find out how print shops around the world use the new subscription model from Heidelberg to unleash their full productivity, learn about digital Services and much more.

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Fitness app for print shops

Digital Services help print shops increase their performance and availability efficiently.

Productivity beats price

Investing in a new press has consequences for the entire business, so careful selection is vital. In particular, it is important to take a close look at the purchase price...

“I am a fan of the model”

When it comes to the subscription model, Lensing Druck is one of the pioneers. The decision was a smart move, remarks Robert Dembinski, Managing Director of Lensing Druck, in this interview.

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