Convert spot colors easily.

Prinect Multicolor Toolset simulates true spot colors by one set of 7 colors: Process colors plus the 3 additional colors Orange, Green and Violet. A huge color space can be achieved. This avoids color changes at the printing press. Using Print Color Management the Multicolor workflow provides a standardized printing process with stable, consistent and reproducible print quality.


  • Extreme reduction of washing times
  • Numerous spot colors in one print run can be used
  • Optimized consumables from Saphira for 7-color process

Prinect Multicolor Toolset consists of a comprehensive software package:

Calibration Tool
Tool for central management of all calibration data in the Prinect workflow. It enables fast and reliable linearization and process calibration of the print process. The size of the screen dots remains stable and guarantees high print quality.

Profile Tool
Professional software for creating and editing ICC profiles, device link profiles, creating and editing print standard reference data (process standards), as well as calculating characterization data for print standards.

Quality Monitor
Reporting tool for consistently monitoring the quality of the print process. Detailed analysis of quality key figures – including long-term trends – provides the basis for establishing process stability, reliable production and compliance with process standards.

Multicolor Optimizer
Uses a highly enhanced color model for converting spot or special colors into multicolor separations. Minimizes the deviation between original color and multicolor target.

Multicolor Color Editor
Replaces spot or special color separations by own process color sets (e.g. CMYK+Orange+Violet+Green), based on selected multicolor target profiles, and monitors expected deviations by DeltaE values. The software module includes complete Color Editor function.

Multicolor ICC Profile Set (14 profiles)
Selected profiles for color combinations (CMYK plus orange, green, blue) for 6- or 7-color printing; each for 2 different paper types, as well as the appropriate process standards.

Smart Print Shop. Prerequisites and potential.


What characterizes a smart print shop with the Push to Stop standard? What opportunities exist? What do solutions look like? What are the benefits of optimization? In this whitepaper you will find out:

  • How you can make Push to Stop a reality in your print shop.
  • Which six key factors will help you to increase productivity.
  • How you can reduce complexity and automate processes.
  • How you can produce closer to the maximum performance level.

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