A new Speedmaster XL 106 with 12 printing units and a perfecting device to service the growing and popular K-Pop industry.

Today Art Co. Ltd., a high-quality Korean commercial printer, has equipped their new state-of-the-art factory in Paju Book City located northwest of Seoul with a new Speedmaster XL 106-12-P from Heidelberg. This is the first installation of its kind in Korea and establishes the success and growth of Heidelberg in specialty printing machine configurations.

Today, more than 200 Speedmaster XL 106 presses of 12 printing units and above have been installed worldwide. The Today Art press was installed in December 2021.

The Speedmaster XL 106, with 12 printing units and a perfecting device will service the growing and popular K-Pop industry. There has been an enormous global growth and demand for K-Pop products worldwide due to the massive international success and appeal of the industry.

Today Art has been producing high-end advertising and award-winning print work for the K-Pop industry for the past several years. With over 100 employees and a reputation for innovation, the well-established printer boasts three Speedmaster XL 106-6 and XL 75-5 presses. This new press (the first in the Korean printing industry) further boosts their reputation and focus on high-end print quality and customer service.

"The first three months since the installation of the press have presented us with enormous growth potential," said Mr. Park, the owner of Today Art. "In the first few months, the machine has really lived up to our expectations, with performance exceeding five million both-side printed sheets per month. This puts us on track to meet the increasing needs of our customers, more than doubling our capacity."

Working round the clock, the Heidelberg Korea Service team installed and commissioned the new Speedmaster XL 106-12-P in record time. During the process, one of the earlier presses was also moved to the new premises, while the other presses continued to run in the Seoul factory. Special planning was undertaken to ensure that Today Art continued to operate according to their tight production deadlines. Heidelberg Korea’s customer service team came through, with dedication and ingenuity.

“For me, my decision to choose the new Speedmaster was not just based on its stunning aesthetics, but also the technology. Our new Speedmaster has a host of new features, including a fully automatic print job changing system, including AutoPlate XL 3, color control with Prinect Inpress Control 3 and Hycolor Multidrive system for easy and automated job production.

This gives us complete control over our production and allows us to address our customer requirements with top-quality delivery,” said Mr. Park. “With local service support from Heidelberg Korea, I have a sense of security that we have access to backup services whenever we need it, as the machine is connected to the Heidelberg Remote Service network, offering round-the-clock support.”

Heidelberg is delighted to partner with Today Art in their aim to deliver service, design, and technology innovation in the advertising and commercial print segment, globally.

Today Art Co., Ltd.

46 Toegye-ro 18-gil,
Jung-gu, Seoul
South Korea

Tel. +82-02 2265 6119


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