No decision, no compromises.

All advantages in one roller.

For years, folding machine customers have had to make a hard choice: Soft-PU folding rollers for better setting behavior and greater material variety or Hard-PU folding rollers for even sharper folds. The new Perfect Grip rollers combine all the advantages of Soft- and Hard-PU in one folding roller and even exceed them.

At a glance

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    High durability

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    High variety of materials

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    Sharp folds

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    No markings

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    Easy to adjust

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    Low susceptibility to moisture, dirt or paint absorption

Easier adjustment

Compared to Hard-PU folding rollers, the adjustment range of Perfect Grip rollers, which means the chance of setting the roller gap correctly at the first attempt, is up to three times the size. Compared to Soft-PU folding rollers, this is still 20 percent more. Both manual folding machines and automated folding machines benefit from it.

Sharper folds

Tests have shown, that, compared to Soft-PU folding rollers, the folds that are produced with Perfect Grip folding rollers are about 25 percent sharper, measuring the height of a loose batch with 40 sheets.

Less wear

Material tests have shown that Perfect Grip folding rollers are exposed to only about half the wear of Soft-PU and 20 percent less wear than Hard-PU folding rollers. Due to this fact, costs can be saved.

Moisture and ink resistance

Due to their low susceptibility to moisture and ink, Perfect Grip folding rollers are equally suitable for all climate zones around the world and do not need to be cleaned as often.

* Wear test in the materials laboratory: The different rings were subjected to a specified number of rotations on sandpaper under otherwise identical conditions. The value indicates the relative weight loss of each ring.

As standard in almost all Stahlfolder folding machines

The following models are now equipped with the Perfect Grip rollers as standard (parallel folding unit only):

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