Noise Emission Values

The noise emission refers to the airborne noise emitted by a press. The noise emission - in contrast to the noise reception - is calculated for standardized installation conditions and conditions for operation. Noise emitted by other sources and reflected noise is not taken into account. Therefore, noise emission is a characteristic that relates only to the source.

Parameters for the noise emission are as follows:

  • Emission sound pressure level at the workplace
  • Sound power level

What is the Emission Sound Pressure Level at the Workplace?

The emission sound pressure level at the workplace indicates how loud it would be at the workplace directly assigned to the press if it were only affected by the noise from this one press without any further background noise or reflected sound from the surrounding walls and ceilings. This noise emission value is needed as it is not possible to assess how noisy it will be directly at the workplace if only the sound power level is taken into account.

What is the Sound Power Level?

The sound power level indicates how much noise is emitted in total (in all directions). The sound power level is suited for comparing several presses; however, it is not suited for deriving safety precautions, such as the selection, provision and use of suitable personal hearing protection. The sound power level must specify if the emission sound pressure level is higher than 80 dB (A).

Noise Immission

The noise immission values are dependent on:

  • the machine configuration
  • the production speed
  • the fold type (only postpress equipment)
  • the paper
  • structural conditions
  • other sources of noise

This is why immission values may deviate from the above-mentioned emission values. Any soundproofing measures to be effected by the operator are to be geared towards the pertinent local laws, guidelines and local immission values.

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