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The navigation system for your printing press: Intellistart 2

Similar to a navigation system in a car, the navigated printing features built in Speedmaster machines provide operators with the information necessary for the best possible workflow sequence for the job change.

The new Versafire

Discover the next generation of digital commercial printing from Heidelberg.

Computer-to-Screen: Phoenix

The Heidelberg Phoenix UV LED direct imagesetter produces high-quality print forms for virtually any printing method. Whether it‘s screen or offset - Phoenix offers a future-proof and highly efficient imaging solution for classic and industrial applications.

Predictive Monitoring - Service 4.0

What if you could see into the future and knew when one of your machines was going to break down? Our remote experts use Predictive Monitoring to watch over your printing presses continuously via a secure internet connection. So irregularities are identified early – before they become malfunctions.

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23. April 2018

€ 14 million investment in state-of-the-art technology from Heidelberg

19. April 2018

Heidelberg together with its partner companies presents the latest technologies for secure documents – always one step head!

17. April 2018

Heidelberg is now a “High Performance Center of Germany for Print Media Technology”

The dawn of a new era:

Push to Stop

The new Push to Stop philosophy at Heidelberg represents a paradigm shift in the company’s holistic view of print shop processes in a digitally integrated environment. Its aim is to turn printing businesses into print shops that use smart, intelligently organized production environments to achieve an unprecedented level of performance. A departure from the norm – a radical change like Push to Stop – is sometimes necessary to open up new prospects for the future.


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