Eco-friendly consumables

Using Saphira Eco consumables – such as the DOP and low-chem plates - will enable you to meet the requirements of international or regional environmental certification programs such as Nordic Swan, the EU's EcoLabel or the Austrian Environmental Certificate Criteria for print products.

Saphira Consumables Commercial Bundle.

Ride the Formula 1 and achieve maximum effectiveness in your production process.

Less complexity, higher profits: Prinect workflow

Commercial, packaging or label printing – digitization offers the printing industry many opportunities. Unleash your full potential for greater customer satisfaction, productivity, and profit. And do so with less effort and overtime as well as fewer errors. New processes with the consistent digitization and optimization of the entire workflow are the key to this. Push to Stop becomes a reality. Your print shop becomes a smart print shop.

Application support: LE UV & LED UV

Discover the wide range of applications that our LE UV and LED UV products and consumables can help you produce.

Finish what you start – with the Easymatrix 106 C/CS

Outsourcing die-cutting jobs is like sitting on a rocking chair. You’re always moving, but you never get anywhere.

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13. December 2018

“Open for Innovation” – Heidelberg drives printing industry’s digital transformation with new Innovation Center

13. December 2018

World’s most advanced printing industry research center opens – Heidelberg a pioneer of digitization in mechanical engineering

10. December 2018

Print shops expedite digital transformation with subscription model from Heidelberg

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Worldwide paper output of Heidelberg presses.*
*Please note: the values displayed are for illustration purpose only and do not reflect actual measurement figures. It is therefore not possible to draw conclusions from them about past or present paper consumption.


(Manhattan: m²)

This year:

(Ireland: m²)

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