Druckhaus Becker GmbH, Ober-Ramstadt, Germany: With Prinect APSC, we achieve perfect register despite paper stretch.

Managing Director Thomas Groth reports enthusiastically: "Prinect APSC works perfectly. Our printers are fascinated. Using this software for compensating paper stretch means we only need to load the plates in the press and make the first pull. Everything is just right and we can start printing. We can't believe the fact that you can position dots somewhere else on the plate to even out paper stretching. In the meantime, we are using Prinect APSC for papers ranging from 60g to 170g.”

On operating the press, he says: “In the old days we would have had to manually sort out register for thin materials and negative fonts. Distortion of the plate trailing edge in the printing unit used to cost us around 30 minutes, time we can now save with Prinect APSC. Added to that, we need one less pull for makeready, which means we start production printing 100 sheets earlier.“

Druckhaus Becker needs Prinect APSC to be able to comply with the highly specific requirements that some of their customers have. Prinect APSC is also a bonus point for them when it comes to new customer business.

Thomas Groth, Managing Director, and Rüdiger Zang, Prepress Manager

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