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From the economical basic model to the fully equipped version, the possibilities are endless for configuring your label press to meet the needs of your business model, while benefiting from unbeatable value for money and the impressive quality for which Gallus is renowned.

At a glance

  • Minimal paper waste thanks to extremely short web path (just 1.4 m between printing units)
  • Printing speeds of up to 200 m/min
  • Wide choice of substrates thanks to printing cylinders and anilox rollers driven directly by servo drives
  • Precise and stable register accuracy across all printing speeds
  • Printing methods – flexographic, screen, cold foil, hot foil embossing and rotary embossing
  • Die cut at any position

Tailor-made for any business model.

The unique modularity of the Gallus Labelmaster meets all popular needs on the market, both now and in the future – from commodity labels to sophisticated, high-finish products. Depending on the particular model, a variety of different printing modules are available to personalise the Gallus Labelmaster to meet the exact requirements of any business model.​

Users can choose from a total of two model lines:

  • Gallus Labelmaster
    The basic version represnts outstanding price-performance ratio. Optionally, this basic model offers a limited number of print process changes, fully integrated into the controller.​
  • Gallus Labelmaster Advanced
    Process variability in any position and a high level of automation ensure exceptional flexibility, because exchanges of the printing for finishing processes are possible at any position.​

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 Heidelberg Gallus Labelmaster Control Unit

Easy in use - spectacular performance.

While the Gallus Labelmaster features extensive modules, delivering a high level of flexibility, it nonetheless boasts intuitive and straightforward operation with automated presetting functions. All product lines are thus extremely easy to get to grips with. There is a clear focus on simplicity, speed and reliability – from quick and easy changes of the lightweight aluminium printing cylinders to fully integrated operation, whether it’s via the user-friendly HMI touch panel or directly on the printing unit. At Gallus, we call this “best-spot interaction”.

The resulting benefits:

  • Intuitive operating philosophy
  • Easy to get to grips with
  • Short setup times

Ultra fast and ultra precise.

The Gallus Labelmaster handles high printing speeds of up to 200 m/min with absolute register accuracy. An optimized ink chamber ensures perfect ink transfer to anilox rollers at all times with minimal splashing and reduced foaming.

Further benefits for even greater profitability:

  • Fast job changes in just a few steps
  • Easy changes of lightweight aluminium printing cylinders
  • High printing speed of up to 200 m/min
  • Ink chamber optimized for high speeds

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 Heidelberg Gallus Labelmaster Application Examples

Maximum quality.

New printing units - precise and efficient

With the new press platform, Gallus has also developed a new locking system that enables quick, easy and accurate changes of printing units. The system positions them on the base unit with absolute precision and ensures 100% register accuracy across a wide spectrum of substrates.

The finest print quality

Whether the Gallus Labelmaster is running at a low setup speed or being accelerated to a maximum speed of up to 200 m/min, its printed image is always in register, thus underlining the new machine platform’s unique quality and precision. Time-consuming corrections are not needed.

Expert talk

Numerous macro trends in label and packaging printing require flexible machine systems.

Decisive for the efficiency of modern machine concepts in label and narrow web packaging printing are flexibility in configuration options, as well as the ability to change printing processes and jobs quickly.

Customer testimonials

Gallus Labelmaster at All4Labels

All4Labels, a global leading label company, reports about their experiences with the conventional label printing press Gallus Labelmaster 440.

Reynders label printing, France

Customer testimonial

Higher production speed, less set-up time and less set-up waste – because of these advantages the label printing group Reynders decided to invest in a Gallus Labelmaster for the production of shrink sleeves.

Mudrika Labels, India.

Customer testimonial

Mudrika’s label activity gets a Gallus Labelmaster Plus boost. Mumbai-based label specialist Mudrika Labels has installed a ten-color Gallus Labelmaster Plus flexo UV press at its plant in Vasai. The Labelmaster is fitted with a die-cut and cold foil unit, a Corona unit and GEW UV curing on each of the ten printing units.

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