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Reynders label printing, France.

Higher production speed, less set-up time and less set-up waste – because of these advantages the label printing group Reynders decided to invest in a Gallus Labelmaster for the production of shrink sleeves.

“We wanted to be flexible, to be in a fast set-up, that`s the reason why we bought the Gallus Labelmaster because flexibility in our business is very, very important”, comments Peter Fauconnier, Business unit manager, Reynders label printing, France.

Reynders is a label printing group with different production sites in Belgium, Poland, Spain, France and India. Reynders France is based in Avelin in the North of France and is specialised in shrink sleeves.

Higher speed, reduced set-up time and less waste.

Three reasons are speaking for the label press, so Fauconnier explains: “For me the advantages of the Gallus Labelmaster are, first, speed. It goes much faster than the other machines. Set-up time is much less. Set-up waste material is less than at the other machines.”

The first Gallus Labelmaster is a 9-colour flexo printing press with a printing width of 440 mm (656 ft/min). This conventional printing press was installed in May 2018 and is mainly used for the production of shrink sleeves.

“We wanted to have a production machine with higher speed and less set-up time. That`s why we bought the first Gallus Labelmaster. Two months after the installation Marc Reynders was here to see the machine and he was so convinced that he already said I want to buy a second one.”

After less than one year of testing successfully the first line, Reynders ordered a second Gallus Labelmaster. The second line was installed in July 2019 and has supplementary features like screen printing, cold-foil, turning bar and hot air option.

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