In this interview, Werner Schwab, one of the visionary architects of the Boardmaster, reflects on the genesis of this revolutionary inline flexo press, which started by addressing the critical problems of professional packaging customers. He reveals what makes the Boardmaster a unique and transformative machine in the folding carton industry.

"My name is Werner. I've been working for HEIDELBERG for more than 27 years and a few years ago I started my personal Boardmaster journey. My colleagues and I had some cool ideas. We are, so to speak, the minds behind the Boardmaster and Intellimatch.

From the start, the most important question for us was how can we automate flexo printing to respond to the shortage of skilled work? The combination of Boardmaster with Intellimatch scanner does exactly that. It simplifies operation and at the same time ensures consistent print quality.

In addition, we wanted to reduce waste and increase the availability of the printing press, which of course results in higher profitability. A true non-stop operation can be realized."

"Changing the job can be done at any speed, but when you see a change at 600 meter per minute, which is 2000 feet per minute, it's just ...'wow'!"

"The Boardmaster has zero change over downtime. Again, that's zero change over downtime. It produces continuously from job to job without ever stopping, no matter how many spot colors you use, no matter what package size you print and no matter which production speed you run.

And what makes it really fast: The printing units are set up automatically thanks to the Intellimatch. That’s the key to money saving. Changing the job can be done at any speed, but when you see a change at 600 meter per minute, which is 2000 feet per minute, it's just ..."wow"!

A key moment for me was when we first presented the Boardmaster concept to a few customers before we even started building the machine itself. We were even more enthusiastic when, at this early stage, our customers already called it a real game changer."

"Sustainability will play an even bigger role in the future. The trend towards shorter run length is persistent. The Boardmaster handles both easily.

It processes sustainable fiber-based substrates with water-based inks and, together with Intellimatch, it saves 90% of changeover waste. And thanks to its drying technology, the most advanced in the industry, the Boardmaster can apply different kinds of barriers to reduce plastic.

Together with a few customers we analyze their order mix and number of jobs.

The result was that producing on the Boardmaster and Intellimatch may lead to savings of over €1,000,000 per year.

I think these facts truly speak for themselves. I'm super proud to be a part of this milestone for the printing industry and I can't wait to share it with more of our customers."

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